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Guest Feedback - Our Monthly Roundup!

Posted on 7th July 2015

We’re extremely lucky that most of our clients come to us through recommendation, and this was certainly reinforced by the results of our Past Guest Survey earlier this year. So, whilst we’ve never been that good at blowing our own trumpet – we thought it might be nice to do a quick round-up each month of the positive feedback we’ve received from our latest tours and workshops.

Hopefully this will help to give you better idea about what our guests value from a Light & Land trip – as well as finding out more about individual leaders and the tours they have run in that month. As is always the case, it’s our leaders who really make the difference! So here goes with June 2015, covering some tours which took place in May as well . . .

Yosemite National Park – David Ward and Joe Cornish

“This was the best tour I have been on, bar none. Joe and David worked very hard for the group, and I cannot speak highly enough about their overall commitment and friendly and helpful approach.”

“The tour was fantastic and the locations were amazing - helped by perfect weather conditions. David and Joe are experts, and they were more than willing to help wherever they could. They have very different personalities that work very well together. The tour was superbly guided, was educational and was also a lot of fun. Well done to both of them.”

“The itinerary was varied and expertly guided by David and Joe's experience. As the weather constantly changed, they knew were we should be to get the best shots. This involved both David and Joe doing a lot of driving and they really did everything they could to facilitate the group. Everything felt balanced - even though we were busy all the time. I felt that I got the most out of every day. We were there to photograph and I'm glad we spent a lot of time doing just that.”

Tuscany – Clive Minnit and Phil Malpas

“A good balance - the focus was very clearly on the photography (as it should be) but with enough free time to recharge the batteries and so on. I think the fact that I booked another tour with Phil and Clive the day after I returned from Tuscany will indicate a very high level of satisfaction with the trip!”

Namibia – Antony Spender and Justin Reznick

“Tony and Justin went over and above to walk around and offer help, and were never too busy or too tired to answer questions. I can't imagine how they maintained their energy and stamina, and still retained their good humour and willingness to help everyone, since they did the driving and all the arrangements. Outstanding work by both of them!”

Santorini - Clive Minnit and Phil Malpas

“Wonderful, professional, helpful, patient and mega fun. Phil and Clive spent the time with me that I wanted, it was never rushed and I learnt so much. It was busy, busy, busy but I enjoyed that – and I feel I know Santorini well.”

“I have learnt so much on this trip and got so many ideas about how to improve and progress with my photography. The whole trip was excellent - the dawn shoots, the boat trip to Nea Kameni island/volcano/swim, improving my abstract shots and the Skaros rock outing were personal highlights for me. Pre-trip info excellent - thank you to Clive for recommending which tripod to buy and for persevering with me on how to use it! Pre-tour info notes very informative.”

“Both tutors were fab! Excellent advice on improving abstract shots and composition. Also excellent technical info re. RAW and post processing recommendations. Great organisation with the itinerary. Full of enthusiasm and great sense of humour!”

“Great idea to have a break after the dawn shoots. The afternoon breaks were also key in pacing the day’s activities especially since the sunset shoots/dinner finished late in the evening. Plenty of free time.”

“Time for photography was excellent. All the early starts for the dawn shoots were well worth it - and we still had time to go to our favourite bakery!!”

“Tuition was Just right, not lectures - just help, inspiration and advice when needed. Great family run hotel, simple room but just right. Staff really great.”

“Perfect itinerary, the tutors were well-rehearsed and knew exactly where to take us.”

“Great trip, exceeded expectations. Tuition was just the right level and there when you needed it.”

Umbria – Phil Malpas and Clive Minnitt

“This was my third Light & Land experience. Phil and Clive are fantastic tour tutors, organisers and great company. I couldn’t have asked for more. Their ability to impart knowledge has to be experienced to be believed. No wonder their tours are always ‘sell outs’!”


As you can imagine, we’re delighted to get feedback like this – as are the leaders. It really helps us to understand what people want and what they value, so we can make future tours even better. More next month!

Post By Charlie Waite

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