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Our Photocrowd Competition Winners!

Posted on 19th May 2015

We had great fun working with Photocrowd back in April to run a landscape photography themed competition, and were extremely impressed with the quality of the submissions. We finished just short of 1,000 entries at 952, which was a pretty good result - with over 130,000 votes cast in total!

Photocrowd competitions are judged by the ‘crowd’ - their members - and also by an expert judge, in this case our very own Charlie Waite. With many of their competitions it’s always fascinating to see the difference between the crowd winners and the expert judge winners – and this subject was certainly no exception.

The three top placed winners in each category received some great prizes from Light & Land and from our sponsor partner Fotospeed. These included an online image critique with Charlie Waite, a framed print of the winning entry and one day Light & Land workshop – as well of course as our main prize for the expert judge’s winning choice – a exhibitor space at our Light & Land on The Mall exhibition in August!

You can see all of the winning entries, and Charlie’s expert reviews, on the Photocrowd competition page – but here are the top three in each category. All images copyright to each photographer.

Expert Vote Winner – Mark McColl

Expert Vote 2nd Place – Richard Hurst

Expert Vote 3rd Place – Francesca Parenti

Crowd Vote Winner – Peter Orr

Crowd Vote 2nd Place – Russ Barnes

Crowd Vote 3rd Place – Paul Smith


A very worthy set of winners we’re sure you will agree!

 Photocrowd caught up with Mark McColl recently to find out a little more about the winning image, and this is what he had to say:

 “I'm delighted to win this competition - when I sent in a couple of images I didn't have any real expectation of winning. Photography competitions are so hotly contested nowadays, and there are a lot of very talented photographers out there. So this was great news!

The image itself, of a remote house in a snowstorm, was taken in Arctic Norway (the Lofoten Islands) in March 2013. A small group of us had been driving around looking for possible images, and when I saw this isolated house in the snow I knew there was potential for a unique and memorable picture. I didn't bother using a tripod for this shot as I usually do - the conditions were such that a number of handheld shots was all that I took before beating a hasty retreat back to the warmth of our van.

I tried a variety of compositions, with the house either side of the frame, but settled on a wider view with the house on the left and plenty of space around it to emphasise the remote nature of the subject. I tried a few different exposure times to get the feel of the snow falling. The image was shot on a Canon 5D mark 3 in RAW. For me the snowfall is what makes this image stand out - it gives it great atmosphere, and I haven't tired of looking at it.

I am really looking forward to the forthcoming exhibition at The Mall Galleries in association with Light & Land. The gallery looks amazing and I can't wait to see what I'm sure will be a fantastic exhibition of landscape imagery!”

We’re also very much looking forward to see the other images which Mark chooses for his exhibition! Thank you again to everyone who took part – and well done to the winners, the ‘commendeds’ and the crowd vote Top 25%. We loved looking through all of your images.

Post By Charlie Waite

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