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Serene Lakes, Majestic Mountains and Magnificent Temples- More on Myanmar

Posted on 23rd February 2016

Since early February 2014, Light and Land photographers have travelled to beautiful Myanmar (formerly Burma) with our fantastic tour leaders and landscape photographers, Phil Malpas and Clive Minnitt, for a ten-day tour of this glorious destination. After years of being inaccessible, this colourful and largely untouched country with its incredible landscapes and wonderfully warm people, made for a truly memorable tour.

Myanmar offers so much for landscape photographers and February offers the best light, with the early morning and evening mists creating truly magical spectacles.

The landscape, the majestic temples and pagodas, sweeping mountains, mighty rivers, lush forests, together with the kindness of locals provided a world class destination for this tour. But don't just take our word for it,  why not read what our customers have to say....

"I would check a thrilled box if it were available. This tour exceeded my expectations." - R.Mandelman

"An outstanding experience, both from a life as well as a photographic perspective. Beautifully planned and executed. Kudos to everyone involved." - M.Clark

"This was my second trip with Clive and Phil - they are extraordinary leaders, both in terms of their talents in seeing images and offering photographic tips, as well as making everyone feel comfortable, at home and part of the group. I can't speak highly enough of them as a team and individually. My goal for the future is to take a trip with them each year, even though I come from 'across the pond' for it!." - M.Clark


"Given the spread-out nature of our destinations, travel time was well planned, and I was very appreciative of the smooth way we got into and out of airports thanks to the assistance of our local guide, Shine. Great work!" - M.Clark

"I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the hotels - travelling in a 3rd world country I had not expected the level of the accommodations we were offered."

"Fabulous. It exceeded expectations. I was anxious as I'm a beginner and had a poor experience with Creative Escapes in Cuba. Clive was very sweet in talking to me on the phone before the tour, advising me on cameras etc. And he continued to encourage and support me throughout the tour." - J.Cleary

"Fabulous trip, superb guide, really good group, very attentive leaders" - T. McFarquhar

"We had a full itinerary which enabled us to visit the main tourist sites in Myanmar. The balloon trip was fantastic" - T. McFarquhar


"An extraordinary experience grounded in the care, the teaching and teamwork of Clive and Phil. I am so grateful to have been on this trip. They have found a wonderful local guide whom we called Shine. Hopefully, that partnership will continue in the future. Shine offered us valuable insights into present-day Myanmar and its history!" - E. Clifford

"Clive and Phil are always ready to help and suggest, but they don't hover. They introduce you to new ideas, whether on the SLR or iPhone, in an easy manner, never overwhelming. I learned a few key ideas which I will practice in the next several months." - E.Clifford

"The trip went to all the places that regular tours go to AND then some.... and of course, made use of the special light at sunrise and sunset. My non-photographers friends want to go! They couldn't believe we travelled by plane, balloon and boat!" - E. Clifford

"Both Clive and Phil were brilliant. They complement each other well and they are equitable in their tuition to every member of the group" - J.Cleary

"Many thanks for a fantastic photo tour in Myanmar - I had a great time and it certainly lived up both to the standard you set on my first trip with you to Tuscany and to my own expectations."

"As you say it is a magical country in so many ways - the people, the history in the form of the temples and the sheer fascination of the way lives have evolved - I found the island building at Inle so incredibly interesting when Shine explained the mechanics to us."

"No matter how good the subject matter - the tour can only be as good as the example set by the leaders and you two were a great inspiration with your ability to see opportunities and to help us all keep going when we are in danger of flagging!"

"I shall certainly be joining you again on more trips - I just have to decide which ones!"

"Another great trip with Phil and Clive - they put so much effort and planning in to make sure we all had a fantastic time in Myanmar" - A. Hazeldine


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