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Posted on 12th August 2016

The sounds, the feeling, the atmosphere….. everything about Cuba captivated me from the moment I arrived. Live music seems to be playing everywhere you go and is hard not to move to, and the atmosphere exciting and friendly.

That’s before you’ve even opened your eyes!

  The colours are vibrant, the architecture is unique and beautiful and the scenery is breath-taking. I was pleasantly surprised at how diverse the island is, each place unique and full of character. From stunning coastlines with turquoise seas, the greenery of plantations, multi-coloured houses of Trinidad (my favourite place on the island), flowers I’ve never seen anywhere else in the world. Then there are the cars! So many of the old Cadillac’s and Chevrolet’s in one place is quite a sight. If you’re not too tired after daytime activities I would highly recommend a little wander to local places playing live music and soak up some of the atmosphere, the music is wonderful and the locals treat you as their own, many asked me to dance (and didn’t judge me for having two left feet). The people are so friendly and welcoming and they love tourists! As a nation still living on rations and very basic pay they have had to find ways of making extra money which include making and selling crafts and even opening restaurants within their own homes called ‘paladres’ which are cheaper (and often better food) than restaurants.

  I’ve been lucky to travel to many places in my life so far and I’m asked often which was my favourite, I find this a very difficult question but Cuba would I think just be ahead of the others because it’s just so unique. Where else in the world do people have restaurants in their living rooms??   

 Sadly, it will certainly change drastically in the near future.If you’ve ever wanted to go, do it now!

And what better way to go than with our lovely leaders who will take you around the must-sees on the island and organise it all for you, and of course show you how to get the best photos (much better than my non-professional ones) of in my opinion one of the best places I’ve visited and would go back in a heartbeat. 

Jenna, light and land admin

Vinales tobacco plantation      

Vinales tobacco plantation

Street performers in Old town Havana

Main square, old town Havana


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