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What is a Leading Lights tour?

Posted on 1st July 2014

Light & Land is happy to announce the welcome return of our ‘Leading Lights’ exclusive micro learning group series, which we will be reintroducing in the latter half of 2014 and beyond.

Whilst we like to take pride in maintaining our small group policy, we have received some requests to offer within the Light & Land catalogue a number of ‘Leading Lights’ workshops where the group numbers no more than four photographers.

It is always of great concern to Light & Land leaders that our photography guests are provided with all the guidance and instruction that they need or request and to this end, each leader ensures that every participant on their tour or workshop returns home feeling that they have learnt a great deal more about the craft and approach to landscape photography than they did prior to the start of the tour.

However, there are some photographers who would prefer to be part of a very small group where the learning approach is more intensive and demanding and where the leader photographer is able to offer constant ‘hands on guidance’ allowing them an opportunity to work in depth with each individual photographer in addition to working with the group on a collective basis.

During a tour or workshop, students of photography enjoy inspiration from observing the craft and practices of the leader and on a ‘four group Leading Lights ‘ workshop it is obviously much easier   for the leader to discuss and express the principles and craft behind their work.

If you would like to join a ‘Leading Lights’ workshop, then the requirement would simply be a complete understanding of the workings of the camera and the desire and commitment needed to attend the three-day workshop.

Please do be in touch with Emily at the Light & Land office if you are interested to have more details.

Post By Charlie Waite

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