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Bluebell Woodland at Dawn


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A bluebell woodland at dawn is one of the most beautiful places for a landscape photographer to be, and if the conditions come together to give mist and filtered golden light too, the resulting images can be truly magical.

While a great many woodlands in the UK are home to bluebells, the majority have only patchy or sparse displays. The woodland floor tends to be ‘untidy’ and the trees mixed with low branches obscuring the view.

However, our location, near Basingstoke in Hampshire, is a woodland with one of the finest displays of bluebells in the country. Dense planting, swathes of bluebells disappearing into the distance. In many areas the forest floor is relatively clear and ‘tidy’. The woodland is mainly Beech - perfect for bluebell photography as the trucks are straight with few or no low branches. At the time the bluebells bloom the foliage on the trees is just emerging as acid green leaves - the perfect foil for the blue of the flowers.

On this workshop we will be meeting early but it will be worth it if we are blessed with dawn light, it is the very best time to photograph bluebells, and there is always just a chance of mist to complete the scene. It will be our aim to guide you to the best areas of the woodlands and to help you capture all the glory of the display.

We will, of course, be making classic images of the bluebells, both in wide scenes and also in closer details. But it will also be our aim, if you wish, to show you how to take a ‘creative’ approach to capturing the scene using alternative techniques such intentional camera movement and multiple exposures (if your camera has the necessary functions for multiple exposure photography). As always we don’t want to just record the beauty of the scene but also to inject emotion and passion into our images to lift them to a new level. This will be our goal on this workshop.

Please be aware that bluebells are a natural thing that don’t work to a precise schedule. We have planned this workshop to be right at what should be the very peak of their colour and spread but the weather and seasonal conditions can mean that they appear much earlier or later. If for some reason we feel that the bluebells will be very disappointing it may be necessary to cancel this workshop as the date gets closer, but we will do all we can to mean this doesn’t have to happen.

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Doug Chinnery

Doug Chinnery

Doug has been a semi-professional photographer for several years, going full time almost two years ago to pursue his dream of a creative life. He has been teaching photography to individuals and groups for six years and has also taught...


Valda Bailey

Valda Bailey

Valda Bailey is a freelance photographer living in Sussex who first became passionate about photography when she was 14. She grew up in Jersey and retains an affinity for coastal views and seascapes. Her approach to photography is greatly informed by...



  • Both Doug and Valda were brilliant at knowing where to step in and where to leave me to my own devices. I learned skills that I am now looking forward to developing further. Truly inspirational.

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