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Cinque Terre


Date: 01st - 06th May 2017

Deposit: £300.00

The Cinque Terre or ‘Five Lands’ is in the Liguria region of Italy and comprises of five villages: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore. It is now making its name as a place for photographers to capture stunning images, both onshore and offshore. A place of rugged yet beautiful characteristics, with colourful houses that hug the coastline and are dramatically positioned - creating the illusion they are descending into the sea.

The Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where no cars are allowed, so we will be travelling by train and boat up and down the coastline, visiting these stunning villages at different times of the day and night. We have also arranged a transfer from the airport to our hotel, as we will have no need for a vehicle once we arrive.

Each unique village has its own charm and offers something different to photograph. We will use the trains and boats to navigate up and down the villages, depending on the weather and light, to capture each village in its own special way.  The Cinque Terre also has plenty of places for us try the local cuisine, and this area is particularly renowned for its excellent Pesto, stunning wine and amazing ice cream!!

We have secured five nights in this special place, to ensure we don’t have to rush locations. The area offers so many photo opportunities, and we can return at different times of the day to capture images. When the light is bright we can take to the streets and to also focus on the smaller detail, watching the locals going about their day and enjoying a coffee or a beer or two! We will choose from the many places to have a light lunch and plan our evening shoots.

Due to the timing of sunset at this time of year, we will try to enjoy an early dinner together before finishing our day with a sunset (hopefully!) and dusk shoot. It doesn’t take long to get home by train, and we can always stop off for a quick snack or hot chocolate before bed - as the train station is just down the road from some great little cafés!

This tour has been classified as a ‘three footstep’ activity level. This is because there will be quite a bit of walking up and down the coastal routes which surround each village -  as this allows us to get to the best vantage points. These can be a little strenuous and some do have steps, but they are only for a short distance. There are also plenty of viewpoints at sea level, so don’t feel restricted if walking isn’t really your thing! You will need to be able to get on and off the boats – but these are quite big so don’t worry, we won’t be travelling in any dinghies!

The weather could still be a little unpredictable in May, but this can bring some fantastic photo opportunities - as we are close to the mountains and therefore the storm clouds could brew up some dramatic skies!  We may also have stronger winds, so some warmer clothing that you can fold away into your camera bag if it gets hot is recommended. Good walking shoes will be necessary, as we will be on foot as well as getting on and off boats and trains!

Really looking forward to sharing this wonderful location with you.

Your Tutors

Carla Regler

Carla Regler

Carla's interest in photography began in 2010 during a move to Cornwall, to pursue a new business venture with her partner to open a new Café/Restaurant on the south coast of Cornwall in Porthleven. It was from here that she...



  • I have been on a few light and land tours before but was still able to learn something new and new techniques and had time to practice them with the prevailing conditions so was well pleased. Group size was about right, a larger group would have been difficult with so many tourists about. Keeping a group with different preferences is always difficult and Carla did a good job of gently making sure we kept together when necessary and no one got lost in the crowds of other tourists.

  • Very friendly tour leader and able to adapt to the weather conditions we had and gave suggestions as how to optimise the conditions. She had sufficient prior knowledge of the villages to make helpful options and suggestions as to what we might like do when able to go off on our own

  • 01st - 06th May 2017


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