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Impressions of London


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There can be nowhere more abundant with opportunities for street photography than the streets of London.This is a tour that takes street photography in a slightly different direction and seeks to tease out an alternative approach. The focus will not be the people, although in London, no doubt people will feature, but rather in the urban landscape & architecture.

Doug Chinnery’s now classic London ‘Light & Life’  workshops have become a firm favourite with Light & Landers - he has a wide reaching knowledge of the city and is well placed to advise on both traditional and creative techniques.

Valda Bailey has twice attended workshops in New York with photography giant Jay Maisel - widely recognised as one of the top street photographers in the world. She travels frequently and also has extensive experience of shooting in an urban environment across the globe.  She will be on hand to explain how multiple exposure and ICM (intentional camera movement) can be used in an urban environment to help you express your creativity with your camera.

The key to success out on the street is adaptability. Street photographers learn to expect the unexpected and know the importance of thinking quickly and being receptive to serendipity. If the heavens open it doesn’t necessarily spell disaster - we can take our creativity into the Turbine Hall at the Tate or shelter in their doorway looking for interesting shapes and reflections in the puddles. Or have fun with ICM and the passing umbrellas. When the crowds thin out, then some ICM or multiple exposures of the architecture around us will keep us engrossed and reveal the city in a fluid and painterly way.

Of course, for those wanting to use classic camera techniques, we will be happy to help and encourage you with these too - the day will all be about capturing the heart of the capital as you see it with your camera.

The South Bank will be a perfect starting point - from the view across the river to St Pauls to the endlessly fascinating facade of Tate Modern with its beautiful clusters of silver birch - there is much to be inspired by here. Wandering along Millennium Bridge towards St Paul’s will give us a different vantage point from which to observe the hustle and bustle of the city.  Further along the South Bank is the wonderfully graffitied skateboard park which offers a great opportunity to shoot using slow shutter speeds.

This is a workshop that concentrates more on finding new ways of interpretation rather than a whistle-stop tour of the city; it is designed to maximise shooting opportunities but there will also be time to talk about thinking creatively and how best to use some of the afore-mentioned techniques in an urban setting as we enjoy refreshments in cafes along the way. The weather will largely dictate the mood of the day, however the magic of the city will guide us to our photographic opportunities.

Your Tutors

Doug Chinnery

Doug Chinnery

Doug has been a semi-professional photographer for several years, going full time almost two years ago to pursue his dream of a creative life. He has been teaching photography to individuals and groups for six years and has also taught...


Valda Bailey

Valda Bailey

Valda Bailey is a freelance photographer living in Sussex who first became passionate about photography when she was 14. She grew up in Jersey and retains an affinity for coastal views and seascapes. Her approach to photography is greatly informed by...



  • As usual Valda and Doug ran a very relaxed and inspirational workshop. Both were very generous in sharing their knowledge and thoughts.

  • Had a good day - both Valda and Doug were helpful and informative and I thoroughly enjoyed trying out the new techniques they had to offer. Many thanks to both

  • I enjoyed this workshop immensely and learned a lot. I now feel much more confident about exploring this genre of photography and appreciated the laid back style and encouragement from both tutors.

  • Brilliant day. Great tutors. Good location to practise these techniques. Lots of creative input from Doug and Valda

  • Both Doug and Valda were brilliant at knowing where to step in and where to leave me to my own devices. I learned skills that I am now looking forward to developing further. Truly inspirational.

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  • Tuition from Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey.

  • Day photography with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey.

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  • English

  • Easy Exertion

    Easy - Most locations are arrived at by vehicle, and most subjects and viewpoints are within easy reach. No particular level of fitness is required.

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