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The Lake District - ICM, Multiple Exposure...


Date: 20th - 23rd February 2017

Deposit: £200.00

The English Lake District has inspired poets and artists for centuries and now, for us, it becomes our inspiration too. Though it occupies such a small area of the country, it manages to hold within its boundaries such incredible diversity. Stunning peaks, graceful fells, gentle valleys, the major ‘waters’ and their minor but perhaps even more beguiling siblings. It has ancient woodlands and pastures, drystone walls, lone trees, waterfalls, brooks, stone bridges and rivers. A lifetimes work for any photographer to capture.

Many visit in the spring, summer and autumn but we have planned to come when it is quieter. We want the fells to ourselves. We want the changeable weather with its drama, hoping for snow, frost, ice and mist. Our itinerary will take us to some of the classic locations but we also hope to guide you to some of the hidden places that few know to reveal to you beauty that many miss.

The variety of terrain in the area offers a wealth of opportunity to experiment with some different techniques. The weather in the Lakes at this time of year changes rapidly and a sudden fall off in the quality of the light is the perfect time to try out some ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) or multiple exposures. Such techniques are controllable to a certain degree and experimentation will give you the chance to delight in some of the happy accidents that can occur by moving the camera and combining exposures. Why not try something different and discover what fascinating shapes and colours can be produced by breaking a few rules? Multiple exposure and intentional camera movement offer the opportunity to create something truly unique - perhaps a refreshing change in such an iconic and much photographed location.

Although the tour will aim to teach you the fundamentals of multiple exposure/ICM photography, the most important objective is to help you to pursue your own creative direction and way of seeing. On this tour with Valda & Doug we will work on capturing the landscapes beauty in both classic ways and using alternative camera techniques.

Valda shoots with a Canon 5D MkIII and will explain the way the camera uses blend modes to diminish detail and create abstraction. Most cameras these days offer some sort of multiple exposure option and all cameras are capable of ICM with addition of an ND filter, so any camera is suitable. We will help you get the best from the functions your camera has.

Our goal is to help you inject emotion and passion into your images in less conventional ways, to help you to see how to let go of conventional techniques and express yourself through alternative methods - not for the sake of using them, but as an additional creative tool to use when appropriate.

The days will be organised around the light, shooting sunrise and sunset when conditions are good and the days will be packed with photographic opportunities all over the Lake District National Park. If conditions do deteriorate then time will be used for image critique, Lightroom and Photoshop sessions.

This tour is the perfect opportunity to cast off some of the ‘rules’ of traditional landscape photography for a while! We hope you can join us for what promises to be an inspiring and creative journey.

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Doug Chinnery

Doug Chinnery

Doug has been a semi-professional photographer for several years, going full time almost two years ago to pursue his dream of a creative life. He has been teaching photography to individuals and groups for six years and has also taught...


Valda Bailey

Valda Bailey

Valda Bailey is a freelance photographer living in Sussex who first became passionate about photography when she was 14. She grew up in Jersey and retains an affinity for coastal views and seascapes. Her approach to photography is greatly informed by...


  • 20th - 23rd February 2017


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