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Weston-super-Mare Long Exposures


Date: 06th - 08th March 2017

Deposit: £200.00

As photographers we capture a precious moment in time with our cameras. Now, with the advent of extreme neutral density filters such as Lee’s “Big Stopper” we have the ability to slow the world down and capture the effects of time passing on the landscape in ways that our eyes can never perceive.

If you love this minimalist style of image making, with streaking clouds, smooth translucent water and a surreal feel then this is the ideal workshop for you.

Join Doug Chinnery on the west coast as he teaches you how to master the skills necessary, both in camera and composition to make effective and pleasing long exposure images. Lee Filters have provided us at Light and Land with some “Big Stopper” filters, so if you don’t have one and have wanted to try the techniques you can borrow one for the duration of the workshop.

We have chosen the stretch of coast from Weston-super-Mare down to Burnham as our location as it holds so many great subjects for long exposure photography. Along the stretch of coast close to our hotel Doug will guide you to some superb long exposure locations, including the wreck of an old wooden boat which provides us with a great subject for our lenses. You will learn how to calculate long exposures which extend way beyond the reach of your cameras light meter. You will also learn how to combine the “Big Stopper” with graduated neutral density filters to balance high contrast exposures as well as how to overcome the difficulties of focusing accurately.

Emphasis will be placed on composition and using the technique to make compelling images rather than relying on the technique alone. Then on the final day you will spend the day learning how to use Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik Silver EfEx Pro2 to processes the images to complete that minimalist long exposure ‘look’. The software training will be recorded by Doug and will be made available to you as a download after the workshop so you don’t have to take reams of notes and can concentrate on his teaching. You will be able to play back the session as often as you want when you get home. A really great training resource. Indeed, many of the techniques you will learn will be useful to you in processing all of your landscape images, not just long exposures.

Doug will also be happy, of course, to help you, with all aspects of land and seascape photography during your time together. We hope you can join him for this very popular Light and Land workshop.

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Doug Chinnery

Doug Chinnery

Doug has been a semi-professional photographer for several years, going full time almost two years ago to pursue his dream of a creative life. He has been teaching photography to individuals and groups for six years and has also taught...


  • 06th - 08th March 2017


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  • Accommodation at Beachlands Hotel , full English breakfasts, transportation during the course, use of Lee Filters Big Stoppers for the tour and tuition from Doug Chinnery.

  • Meals not mentioned and insurance.

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  • Easy Exertion

    Easy - Most locations are arrived at by vehicle, and most subjects and viewpoints are within easy reach. No particular level of fitness is required.

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