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A Grand Day Out

12th April 2017

I have lived in Dorset most of my life. I have visited Durdle Door many times but saw it in a different light (literally) on my first Light and Land workshop. I have worked for Light and Land for eight months now and my job is mainly to co-ordinate the one day workshops so I thought for research reasons (obviously) I should tag along and see how a one day workshop actually goes.... PS don't laugh at my tiny camera, I am a beginner! 

The day started at an extremely windy Worth Matravers where there are stunning views of Chapman's pool, it's safe to say we were all a bit apprehensive about the weather. One chap in particular was ever so kind, helping each of us over the turn-styles. Once we nestled in to our lovely little spot and I could once again feel my face, Andy (Farrer, our leader for the day) showed us all how to make the best of the foggy, drizzly conditions. I have to say I liked the moody sea and shapes it created. 

We all agreed it was time for lunch once the rain set in and I was feeling somehow guilty for being unable to control the weather for our lovely group. However we very quickly all cheered up once we had some delicious homemade sandwiches, cup of tea and chocolate brownie. To top it all off the sun had decided to come out! Next stop was Kimmeridge Bay which I am ashamed to say I had never been but will be returning to...

I loved that everyone did their own thing creatively on the day and Andy floated effortlessly around us all dropping in little suggestions and tips and answering any questions we had. I discovered I have a bit of a rock obsession and found myself waiting for the waves to come in and out many times to get the effect I wanted, Andy encouraged this. Others were more into the bigger surrounding landscapes, others into the beautiful formations the clouds were blowing in and out of...

After an hour or so we headed off for our final location for the day, iconic Durdle Door. We arrived just as the sun was heading down over Bat's Head and the colour it was pouring onto the rocks were warm and golden and just beautiful. 

The light changed constantly and so I have such an array of colours in my images. For those that fancied it, which was everyone, we made our way down to the beach to get a different angle of the famous arch. The light just got better and I enjoyed the 'other' view just as much, a 180 turn gives you a view of Bat's Head (which features in Andy's Landscape Photographer Of The Year 2015 winning image).

I really enjoyed seeing (and being part of) a group of people who have never met but have this common interest help each other out, advise and have fun together. I came away buzzing with a sense of achievement that I had actually taken pictures I was pretty happy with, had some lovely conversations with new people and got some fresh air (plus 18,000 steps on my FitBit) all in all a really great day out!

Couldn't resist one last shot just on my iPhone as we walked away... 

Why not join Andy on our next Jurassic Coast adventures... details here. 

~ Jenna, workshop and tour co-ordinator and admin at Light and Land

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