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Portfolio Review with Charlie Waite


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Charlie Waite is widely regarded as the doyen of and one of the world's most renowned English landscape photographers. His style combines graphic finesse with an almost spiritual quality of calm and serenity. His distinctive method in photographing landscapes in particular is instantly recognisable. Charlie Waite is particularly noted for his painterly approach in using light and shade.  

During your critique session, Charlie will advise you and help you to explore your thought processes and techniques behind each image and will share his insight and encourage and inspire you in your quest to improve your photography.

These are online critique sessions so you will need access to a computer and to have Skype downloaded.

On booking, you will be contacted to choose a 45 minute time slot on a day that works for you both. Charlie will then call you at this time to conduct the session.

Each critique session will be conducted online with Charlie Waite over a 45 minute period. Please have your images ready on your laptop. We advise up to 6 images.

A member of the team will contact you to acknowledge your order.

Light and Land

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