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The Vegas of the North - Blackpool Photography Workshop

  • 03rd August, 2024

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Our Blackpool photography workshop will take place in August and will be led by Mark Seymour and Flavio Bosi.

Blackpool, also known in the UK as the Vegas of the North, is the epitome of the British seaside holiday resort. This is where millions of people come every year to let go of their inhibitions and have fun. Stag and hen dos are a common sight here, and the population is varied, quirky and colourful. The decadent and gaudy seafront and décor make for great backgrounds. Blackpool is a street photographer’s playground. Join us in an immersive and intensive exploration of this eclectic town: we will help you find the best subjects and get close to them. We will shoot together and you will get ongoing feedback and guidance throughout the day. We will help you become a better street photographer.

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The Vegas of the North - Blackpool Photography Workshop

Blackpool Photography Workshop - Blackpool Street Photography
We will start our street photography course in Blackpool, the iconic British seaside resort, with a meeting in a café and an introductory briefing about the day ahead, highlighting what we will be looking for and where we will be going during the workshop. We will talk about street photography and techniques we can use to produce an interesting portfolio. We will talk about moments, layering, light, working the shot, background selection and more.

Our course will coincide with the annual Rebellion Festival, the largest British Punk festival held here since 1996, mainly in the Winter Gardens. The holiday destination will be an even more interesting place to photograph with so many colourful characters around.

After the introductory briefing we will set off and take a stroll through the town centre, where it will be very busy. Almost a typical Saturday morning in a town centre, just with a lot more mohicans in sight! The punks and rockers will most likely be around early morning up till about midday, then they will disappear in the Winter Gardens for the festival. We will make the most of this time to portray them in the seaside town.

Blackpool Photography Workshop
Blackpool Street Photography

We will then visit the areas between the North Pier and the Central Pier. We will spend some time on the Golden Mile and in front of Coral Island. We will photograph the Fun Fair on the Central Pier and the beach just north of it:  photographing on the beach is a skill that needs to be honed, you have to be fast and unobtrusive and be able to frame quickly without disturbing the scene. We will be helping you becoming fast and effective in this style of photography.

With its historic buildings, its seaside vibe and then with the added bonus of a punk festival, Blackpool is definitely as good as it gets for street photography: it's a really quirky town with lots of really interesting people.

This workshop is based on street photography, with an encouragement to shoot un-posed images containing people in a context that shows the viewer an image that tells a story.

We will be with you every step of the way, from when we meet in the morning through to the last shots in the evening. You will have the opportunity to have quality 1-2-1 time with each us during the day.

During the week following the workshop we will all meet again via videocall to present our best five images from the workshop and for Mark and Flavio to critique the images for all to learn.

Streets of Blackpool Photography Workshop
Blackpool Photography Workshop

What gear will be needed?

We normally shoot light with one camera body and a single prime lens.

Any camera model/make will be fine, but we encourage the use of a prime lens of choice among 28mm, 35mm or 50mm in full frame terms (that would be around 18mm, 23mm and 35mm in APS-C terms). If you only have a zoom lens it’s fine, but we strongly encourage you to decide a focal length for the day and stick to it.

Spare batteries, two is better, and charged! Spare SD cards, formatted, enough memory to take a lot of images.

No flash, tripods, long and telephoto lenses will be needed: travel light and you will enjoy the day much more.

The workshop will start at 10am and finish at 5pm.

  • Included

    • Tuition from Mark Seymour and Flavio Bosi

    • Online image critique session a few days after the workshop

  • Excluded

    • Travel to meeting point

    • Meals

    • Insurance


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