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iPhoneography evening in London

24th May, 2017 - AVAILABLE

£95.00 PP / Deposit -£95.00 PP

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This is our newest addition to the iPhoneography workshops, we have created a 'mini' workshop. Great for first timers, beginners and those working in the city as it is an evening workshop so you could join us after work for a few hours of iPhone fun! Learn to create images you never imagined your phone was capable of...

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  • Tour Code IPH03
  • Included
    • Tuition from Doug Chinnery and Paul Sanders
  • Excluded
    • Insurance
  • Duration 1 Day Workshops
  • Exertion Easy
iPhoneography evening in London

There was a time when a photograph from a phone camera was considered sub-standard, but no longer. Manufacturers have worked hard on the quality of lenses and sensors, along with the amazing apps that are now available to compliment them, so images from our phones can be of amazing quality.

The quote, “the best camera is the one you have with you” has been attributed to so many people it is hard to know who really originated it, but it is true and who of us these days ever leaves home without our smartphone? It is often the camera we ‘have with us’. So to know how to use it well will enable us to turn it from an instrument which makes simple ‘snaps’ into a camera which can make truly inspirational images. Images which are deserving of a place in our portfolios, deserving of being printed and placing on our walls.

On this workshop you will spend an evening with Paul Sanders and Doug Chinnery, both enthusiastic and skilled smartphone photographers who use their camera phones to make professional quality images in their day to day lives. They will show you, on the streets of London, how to elevate your camera phone images from the ordinary to the exciting. How to compose, how to use the basic camera app functions to control exposure and focus and then how to use selected apps to enhance what the camera can do.

You will learn how to take ‘classic’ style images as well as ‘intentional camera movement’ and multiple exposure photographs with your camera phones (please note, due to limitations with Android phone software they are unable to make multiple exposure blended images - only iPhones can make these).

You will be asked prior to the workshop to download some apps, depending on whether you use an Android or Apple device, so that you are ready to go right from the start of the workshop. They will also show you how to use apps on the phone to process the images depending on your tastes and styles of photography.

Doug and Paul will meet you at 5.30pm, at the Tate Modern (meet outside the main entrance which faces the Thames and St. Pauls) and the workshop will conclude at 9.30pm.

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