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Run the Blues Highway Photography Tour

  • 15th - 22nd September, 2024

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Our 'Run the Blues Highway' photography tour from Nashville to New Orleans will take place in September 2024 with tour leaders Mark Seymour and Flavio Bosi. From the deep south of the United States the Blues swept the country and later the world while the African American performers gradually migrated to the cities and up north in search of fortune and success. The most famous route was Highway 61. We will be starting our tour from the legendary music city of Nashville, making our way through Memphis and all the way down to New Orleans, through many iconic places, to photograph and document the history of the Blues. 

Mark and Flavio will guide you through the most significant locations and help you craft a documentary photography project on the Highway 61 and the Blues. This will be an epic journey through Blues music, iconic places and culinary delights where every stop has a story to tell that we will capture with our cameras.

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Run the Blues Highway Photography Tour

Run the Blues Highway - Nashville to New Orleans Photography Tour
Our Blues Tour will start in Nashville, where jazz and blues flourished in the segregated night clubs and theatres and influenced the many genres that came to life here, like country, bluegrass and rhythm and blues. We will spend our first night here, listen to good blues music in a historic club, and visit and photograph the city the following day. The next stop will be Memphis, home of Beale Street, that was declared the Home of the Blues by an act of Congress in 1977. Memphis was instrumental for the growth of the blues music and its performers, and here W.C. Handy published Memphis Blues, the first song based on the classic 12 bar blues structure that started spreading the genre across the States.

We will then follow the Highway 61 down to Clarksdale, where we will find the legendary crossroad where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the Devil in exchange for mastery of the guitar. The famous blues song Crossroads, from the same author, refers to this place. This is a small town and a main stop for the musicians travelling north from their homes towards bigger towns, and we will visit the most important locations in and around Clarksdale, like Leland, Tutwiler, the Dockery plantation and even Indianola. We will listen to great live music in the Ground Zero Club and visit the Delta Blues Museum.

Blues Highway Photography Tour
Nashville to New Orleans Photography Tour

Our tour will then takes us further south, visiting and photographing historical locations and ending up in Jackson where we will spend the night.  Our last stop will be New Orleans, where Highway 61 ends. Here the blues developed into Dixieland and Jazz and mixed with European and Caribbean sounds. Most blues records from the 1920s originated from the Crescent City, as New Orleans is also known.

The Blues tour will be a wonderful full immersion in the history of the blues music genre, from its inception to the genres that originated from it. We will be telling the story in images, building a body of work that we will then edit and organise in a perfect photo essay that will illustrate our journey and the blues journey. You will come home with a complete documentary essay of your trip, and the newly developed skills will help you become a real visual storyteller, able to build a coherent series of images that create a narrative of any project you want to photograph.

This is a unique opportunity to experience the blues music and its development and to learn documentary photography skills that you will always be able to use going forward in your photography.


We will travel in two large American style SUVs and accommodation will be in various of the many hotels which serve travellers in these remote areas.

Our Mission

To enable you to print either a small book or series of images that document and tell the story of the American Blues Trail.

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