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06th - 13th Jun, 2018 - AVAILABLE

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Many of the villages of Santorini are perched on the edge of one of the most spectacular volcanic calderas on the planet. The magnificent views across the caldera take in the picturesque villages with the exquisite blue domed churches for which this Greek Island is famed.

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Many of the villages of Santorini are perched on the edge of one of the most spectacular volcanic calderas on the planet. The magnificent views across the caldera take in the picturesque villages with the exquisite blue domed churches for which this Greek Island is famed.

Santorini lies at the southern end of the Cyclades group of Greek islands, the last stopping off point before Crete. It has been continually re-shaped over the centuries by a series of violent volcanic eruptions. The current archipelago surrounds a huge caldera filled with sea water. In the 18th Century the small island of Néa Kaméni rose from the sea in the centre of this crater and still hosts an active crater. The last major eruption was in 1956.

The volcanic setting is simply awesome - whitewashed houses with barrel roofs appear to ‘drip’ down the cliff faces like melting ice cream, until the land gives way to a 900 foot drop into the blue sea below. Every village is dotted with blue domed churches and bell towers, one of the most instantly recognizable icons of Greece and synonymous with Santorini. These will no doubt be favoured subjects for our photography.

During our visit we will be concentrating on the four very different villages Fira, Firostephani, Imerovigli and Oia. We will be out photographing at both dawn and dusk, making the most of the village locations in cross-over light. The island boast the kind of sunsets that will live in your mind forever. The colourful houses of Oia compliment the domed churches and sails of the occasional traditional windmill. Bright red geraniums and cascading pink bougainvillea offer a wonderful contrast to the blue doors and shutters. The architecture of the villages with their steep steps, interesting alleyways, doors and windows mean that there are endless photographic opportunities.

Although some of our locations are within walking distance of the hotel, we will also be travelling further afield on the main island in our own vehicles. Here we will explore beautiful traditional villages, dramatic black sand beaches and intriguing archaeological remains. An optional boat trip followed by a hilly 2 km trek over volcanic rock paths to the active volcanic crater on Néa Kaméni will be one of the highlights of the tour.

Our group will be based in a comfortable hotel near Oia, an ideal centre from which to explore the incredible island of Santorini. We have chosen this time of year in order to give us an excellent chance of having varied weather conditions. Some of the walking will be quite strenuous, particularly in the steep-sided villages and a good level of fitness is required by all participants. This tour will also give you free time to relax and enjoy the delights that the island has to offer.

Finikia Memories

Staying at Finikia Memories from 6th - 13th June, 7 nights.

Single occupancy

Breakfast included

Loved every minute. Clive and Phil were knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and kind. They are exemplary tour leaders, nothing was too onerous for them. Light and Land are fortunate to have them. Sharon - June, 2017

This is my 2nd light and land tour, the other one was with Phil and Clive as well. They are both so genuine, fun and patient. They are also such compliments of each other. You couldn't ask for a better pairing for your tour! Rachel - June, 2017

Really excellent tour: great leaders, great locations, great group atmosphere (I'm sure the leaders help to create this). I was expecting a lot, and it was even better than that. Most of the people on the tour had been with Phil and Clive before, and came back for more: that says more than any words. June, 2016

Thanks for sending the group photo. And even more, a huge THANK YOU for making it possible for me and the rest of the group to have such a wonderful and memorable week doing photography and having fun in Santorini! The week really couldn't have been better -- and that's due in large part to your thorough preparation and your infectious enthusiasm, as well as your thoughtfulness and your humour! As well as having fun, I learned some valuable photographic lessons (such as actually experiencing the importance of the type/quality of light; also, now I actually do remember to keep it simple, check the edges of the frame, and avoid extraneous detail). Thanks so much for critiquing our photos. I hope you will continue to run many more trips, and that I can be on some of them! All the best, June, 2016

Santorini was a wonderful experience with fascinating forms, textures and colors AND cats! A different photographic experience than Myanmar and Tuscany BUT the leadership was the same high quality. Phil and Clive know how to teach, when to offer a suggestion and when just to be there for support. They know how to lead with a light hand so that we were quite happily at the minibus by 5AM. They create a safe environment for learning and one which is filled with fun. I would follow them anywhere! There was a lovely frosting on the cake as it were for this trip. Emily came! Emily is my Light and Land ground .. always there by email for help. As organized and efficient as she is in the office, she is so much fun to be around on vacation. June, 2016

I went on the Santorini trip a few months ago and had an incredible time. I can't praise Clive and Phil enough. The effort they made getting us to the best locations at the optimum time. As you know this does not happen by accident it take research and time. I've been with several leaders over the years and they have always been there for help and advice on any aspect of photography. Clive and Phil both took this to a different level they were amazing. They took us out for every dawn and sunset (for those who wanted to) with a few hours down time in the afternoon which for me was perfect. Even in their spare time they were available to help us or they were out checking for the best restaurants to eat at. Even going to a restaurant Clive made entertaining, when Clive took us to a family home and we walked in on them having dinner. I was using a digital camera for the first time and had no idea what all the functions were. They both spent time showing me how to get the best out of the camera. At one location I did not take the photos with the best settings. When Clive realised this the next day in his free time he drove me back there to re-take it. Clive also makes the trip very memorable with his unique sense of humour which kept us all entertained from dawn to dusk. I was absolutely shattered for a few days after getting home and have no idea how Clive and Phil felt after doing all the driving and the responsibility of looking after all of us. They both gave 100% as do all the leaders August, 2013

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