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720°DGREE Leakproof Water Bottle

720°DGREE Leakproof Water Bottle “uberBottle“ - 1.5 litre | Kids, School, Sports, Bike | BPA Free Tritan | With Fruit Infuser

Do you drink enough of water?

Staying hydrated means staying healthy (and by proxy happy!). That's why you should drink between 1,5 and 3 liters of fluid every day, depending on your level of activity and exposure to sunlight. You know that already, however...

amidst all the daily hustle and bustle you simply forget to drink water 

you don't want to carry around water bottles that are heavier and bulkier than a brick

you have no wish to waste money on PET bottles every time you’re thirsty, and thus contribute to the global plastic waste problem?

No worries, we've got you covered!

Try the uberBottle—Feel the difference

✔ FINALLY YOU CAN DRINK ENOUGH & FEEL BETTER - You will ALWAYS want to keep your special 720°DGREE bottle by your side. The innovative anti-glug drink opening reduces spills and helps you quench your thirst extremely quickly, while the taste remains 100% pure. Add a special kick to your drinks - thanks to the EXTRA FRUIT INFUSER and a wide mouth, add either delicious fruit or refreshing ice cubes to your favourite beverages. Made of feather light, yet durable Tritan copolyester.

✔ FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - The special velvety coating provides an extraordinary sensation upon touch, while the modern & minimalistic look delights your eyes. Dead easy to use on the go - with just one hand thanks to the the 1-CLICK drinking cap. The functional, elegant strap allows you to carry your bottle with you at all times. Say NO to dirt or dust entering your bottle.

✔ TRUST THE ORIGINAL QUALITY - Your #1 water bottle on Amazon with worldwide more than 2000 verified 5-star customer ratings speak volumes. Become a part of the 720°DGREE family and share your unique drinking experience with thousands of enthusiastic fellow customers. Regardless of whether you are a yogi, housewife, biker, manager, bodybuilder or a cross-fitter - everyone wants to have THE uberBottle.

✔ ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY - With the reusable uberBottle you are not only  actively contributing to reducing the waste production of disposable bottles but simultaneously saving your hard-earned money. And in what's more, the 720°DGREE bottle is completely recyclable. For the maximum service life, best clean by hand. Dimensions: bottle's Ø 9.8 cm, x height 26 cm, lid height 4.4 cm, total height: 28.5 cm, weight: 233g.

✔ 100% SATISFIED OR YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK - Your satisfaction is guaranteed! 720°DGREE stands for outstanding CUSTOMER SERVICE with thousands of HAPPY CUSTOMERS. If you aren't satisfied with the uberBottle, just send it back within 60 days, and we will refund the full amount - without any ifs & buts! To get your new premium water bottle just click "Add to Basket" NOW.

Endorsed by Andy Farrer - "These water bottles are great for the long hot days in North Africa"

720°DGREE Leakproof Water Bottle
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