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‘Garage Doors’ Framed Print by Charlie Waite

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Physical Product

Location: West of San Diego, Andalucia Spain.

"I had passed these garage doors many times and on each occasion, I felt that there were elements that conflicted with one another yet not confident that I could identify which these were.

I concluded that it was the sky that seemed to be the culprit. It was paradoxical that so often I thrive on a sky laden with building cumulus or high cirrus and normally don’t care for an uneventful sky with monotonous shades of blue. It took me some time to accept the lack of cloud.

Yet it was that cloudless morning that allowed the colours in the garage doors to find themselves again in the sky and sea beyond.  The white garage surrounds seemed to replace a need for any scattering of cloud which to my mind would have diminished their stark expression and ultimately would have loosened the photograph".

Framing: Deckled print, dry mount, ash frame painted white and waxed. Image signed by Charlie Waite.

Size: 94.5 cm wide x 79 cm high

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Tags: Garage Doors | Framed Print for Sale | San Diego, Andalucia Spain Landscape Photograph | Charlie Waite

‘Garage Doors’ Framed Print by Charlie Waite

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