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GustBuster Metro Umbrella

Product description

This compact umbrella is made with high quality material and construction. The wind resistant canopy helps wind flow through and prevents the umbrella from turning inside out or getting damaged. The automatic open feature is a convenient way to open the umbrella with one hand, which is perfect when on the go..

Manufacturer's Description

The GustBuster® Umbrellas were created to fulfil a single purpose: to produce the finest windproof umbrellas possible.

The Metro, folding umbrella took three years to develop until we were happy with the results.

The 43" award winning double canopy with automatic opening system provides superior protection against the harshest wind/rain conditions. The College of Aeronautics have tested the umbrella in winds of up 55 mph and found it to be up to the task.

The patented temper hardened steel joint connectors and hexagonal ribs along with the reinforced shaft prevent allow the Metro to withstand the toughest of environments and prevent the frame from crimping and snapping.

The sure grip comfort handle ensures a comfortable holding position.

The folded dimensions of 16" means the umbrella is small enough to fit into a briefcase or large handbag. The Metro's protective sheath with straps can double as a backpack for easy carrying.

Limited lifetime guarantee

Endorsed by Terry Gibbins who says:

"Small enough to attach to most camera bags, this super strong brolly is not only useful in a sudden downpour, it can also be used to deflect gusts of wind on a hillside or act as a sun shade on a very bright day". 

GustBuster Metro Umbrella
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