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‘Misty Morning’ Framed Print by Luke Whitaker

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Location: Bosham Harbour, West Sussex.

"What does it feel like to walk around Bosham on a freezing cold winter’s morning?                                        

Despite the cold and damp, those still mornings are some of the best of the year. Every now and again the sun can break through the clouds for a minute or two, and the whole channel can look quite enchanting. As the mist rolled in off the sea, I stood and watched the tiniest ray of sunshine break through the clouds and illuminate just the bow of a single sailing boat. That splash of warm light felt like a ray of hope for the day ahead, so gentle and delicate. 

People have asked me when they see this photograph ‘Why is that boat in the foreground pointing in a different direction to the boats in the distance?’ Normally when the tide comes in it pushes all of the boats around so you’d expect them all to be facing the same way. 

Well it’s the height of the tide that is key to achieving this unusual arrangement. The boats in the distance are actually in much deeper water. The boat in the foreground is in a shallower part of the harbour and has only just risen off the seabed. It’s on the turn, about to be pushed around. To get this photograph, I stood in the sea in waders when the tide was coming in and hoped that the sunshine would break through the clouds. 

It was an exciting time to capture the light popping because there is a beautiful sense of depth and scale with the boats arranged like this. I love photographs where you can see a clean outline of all the elements within it and none of the layers are fighting with one another". 

Framing: Trim, single mount, ash frame painted white and waxed. Signed by Luke Whittaker.


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‘Misty Morning’ Framed Print by Luke Whitaker

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