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‘Qualities of Light’ with Ben Osborne - Digital Download

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Ben Osborne's 'Qualities of Light' documentary was filmed in Shropshire and features some spectacular landscapes. Ben guides you through various lighting elements needed for consideration when out in the landscape. Ben offers hints and tips throughout and discusses additional techniques including ICM and Long Exposure.  

Film length 58 minutes, 15 seconds

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Subjects covered in the documentary:

Theme:    ‘Light, the raw material”

To make interesting photographic images, you need to be able to optimize how you use the light that is available – and there is a huge variety to play with.


Bright, dull/low light

Harsh, soft, mixed (e.g. rays through clouds, sun in woodlands), reflected, “nuanced” (changed by the photographic process e.g. long exposure), “invisible” (e.g auroras/star-scapes which you can’t see but the camera can)

Warm, cool, artificial

Light direction – front, side, back, diffused

Daily variation – dawn (hard to predict, gets worse quickly but possible mist), dusk (predictable, no mist, gets better as progresses), concept of a “Golden Hour”,  midday (harsh, no “magic”, illustrative, bright colours, b/w often OK), 

Weather and light – sun, fog, rain, broken cloud, overcast etc

Seasonal variation what to expect/look for at different times of the year.


Two strategies to discuss – a) I want to photograph that view/object/subject so what are the perfect conditions for it and b) the day I set aside for photography has turned out like this - so what should I photograph?


Tips for shooting through the day – 

Golden hour – roughly an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset but varies with geographical location (latitude) as it lasts roughly until sun is 6 degrees above horizon (don’t get too obsessed about the details – so in the polar regions the Golden “Hour” can be several hours long which gives and amazing opportunity to use this beautiful light. In the tropics, however, you may have to work fast because, although the weather is often favourable, the sun heads down to the horizon comparatively quickly.  Why use the GH (and why is it called this)?

Midday shooting – don’t ignore the rest of the day – in fact if you only shoot during the GH then your images may all be beautiful but they may lack variety. It is certainly more of a challenge to make interesting and photographically pleasing images during the daytime but worth trying. The light will be cooler and harsher if the sun is out so try a subject which has an element of drama. If overcast then there are still opportunities to shoot textures and details which always work best in softer light. And use filters to keep details in the clouds. Try B/W which gives more graphic representation. Go for big foreground which adds structure and character if the light doesn’t. Leaving out the sky can be successful in overcast weather

Night-time, Low Light and light painting – these are all worth mentioning and explaining a few tips about exposure, conditions, experimenting, etc

Light for specific subjects– close-up, wide views, water, woodlands, 

What kit for what light? – lenses (wide angle, telephoto, macro) filters, tripod, torch for light painting etc – adapt the capture method to suit the conditions – Apps which might help. Clothing for tough weather.

What composition for what light? – when to leave out the sky, when to go large, when to look for details, textures etc 

Light and dark – contrast and fooling the light meter – keeping it under control (ice/snow vs coal cellar conditions) – how light creates technical problems and how to solve them by over/under-exposing (e.g. leaves from below, black water, snow etc)

Artificial light, street light, painting with light. Light temperature. White balance. 

Photographer’s Ephemeris and other Apps, golden hour calculator, filter apps for Big stoppers etc, weather forecast

  • Overcast Light
  • Low Light
  • Pre Dawn Light
  • Sunrises
  • Mid Day Light
  • Reflected Light
  • Seasonal Changes in Light
  • Light Painting

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