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Celebrating their 80th anniversary in 2014, Fujifilm is known as the world's largest photographic and imaging company. They are also innovating in medicine, highly functional materials, and many other high-tech areas.

Fujifilm is a success story of lasting growth and transformation across diverse fields! From its original business in photo film, the company has diversified to become an international corporation with a leading position in many business fields.  Fujifilm first made a name for itself as a film manufacturer. Its signature green film boxes were in stores everywhere, and the green Fujifilm airship became a familiar sight at sports events. However, around 2000 the market for film began to shrink rapidly as digital photography took off. Fujifilm met this challenge with a remarkably successful business transformation.

“A camera is a tool for creating artwork.”  Fujifilm has always stood by this philosophy when manufacturing photographic equipment.  The main objective is to create art - i.e. “photographs”. 

Fujifilm’s history of camera production began in 1948 with the launch of the FUJICA Six I BS 6×6 folding viewfinder camera. Since then, the company has consistently communicated, through its cameras, the “joy of photography.” Medium-format cameras can be described as the origin of Fujifilm photographic equipment. 

In order to address the needs of professional and enthusiast photographers, the company began a pursuit for greater shooting applications and operability, taking its evolution of camera equipment to a path distinctively different from that of its competitors. 

The FUJICA G690 was designed for tour group photography, the FUJICA GS645 was the ultimate lightweight and compact camera, the FUJICA PANORAMA G617 Professional was a medium-format panorama camera with the long side of the frame measuring 6x17cm, the FUJI GX680 Professional was a portrait camera equipped with a film holder that revolves according to the portrait / landscape image orientation and the GA645 was the world’s first autofocus, fully-automatic medium-format camera. 

In its camera history, Fujifilm tirelessly pursued the ultimate in medium-format cameras, advancing technology and image quality in the process.

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Light and Land

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