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The quality of the tour was excellent. Despite the early starts and late finishes the location was excellent for photography. Andy knew the best locations to visit and the best times to photograph in the varying conditions. The drive from Sommaroy to Lofoten was long but offset by the quality of the photographic opportunities available. David W - March, 2019

This was the perfect first stepping stone for me! Benedict was inspiring and incredibly informative, he spent several minutes looking over my camera with me and advising on the best settings. I came away from the day with a better understanding of how to use my camera and how to create various effects in my photography. Bustling Bath was the perfect backdrop for this workshop, with its wonderful architecture mixed with quieter areas such as the Royal Crescent and The Circus. Katy - March, 2019

I am writing to say thank you, to both of you, for the remarkable two weeks spent on the NC tour. The work that you had put into the itinerary showed, and was much appreciated. The enthusiasm and time you gave in pursuit of photographic improvement absolutely made the trip come alive for me. To say nothing of all the even-tempered chaperoning and driving... I don't yet know what I think of my photographs. I do know that ICM is the technique I want to use and develop in the future, and I am indebted to you Clive, for showing me the way. I love that I can capture the mood of a place to my satisfaction using it. I will share some photographs soon. Suzanne - March, 2019

Hi Clive (& Phil) Thank you for the photos. We had a great trip, and would like to say a huge thank you for all your assistance, and your endless patience and humour. We both agreed that we have learnt so much, even to the point of altering the white balance manually “in camera”, we can almost pretend we are photographers now. The trip was extremely well organized and managed, and both of you didn’t disappoint our very high expectations following our trip with you to Scotland last year. We will be signing up again soon, (just a little something for you to look forward to). Again, thank you so much, and we were really lucky with the group, I thought everyone was great and so enthusiastic. Kind Regards. Lisa Ashton-Jones - February, 2019

Clive and Phil: Thank you both so much for your expert guidance and patience, and for sharing your knowledge of photography in general and Venice specifically. As someone fairly new to photography workshops I greatly appreciated how you put everyone at ease and were able help folks with a wide range of abilities. I learned a lot, had a great time, and hope to see you both again. John Fowler - February, 2019

This was another great trip with you and Clive - I learned lots and enjoyed the experience. I knew there would be plenty of laughter - and there was. Thank you so much for another memorable tour. A great location well explored thanks to you and Phil. I learned a great deal both technical and compositional. And, as usual, we laughed a lot and enjoyed good company. Thank you too for the photos - I am not sure which I prefer! Happy travels - and thank you again, Janine Nahapiet - February, 2019

Thanks for the great tour, and for being funny and entertaining us, I really enjoyed my time in Venice Vladimir Koychev - February, 2019

I want to thank you both for an amazing experience. I loved every minute of it. Vietnam is such an interesting country, and it was very special to have all those fabulous photographic opportunities. I know there was a huge amount of work that went into making that all happen so seamlessly. I will keep an eye on the website, in the hopes that you and Diep were cooking up something new in the back of that bus! Mu Cang Chai maybe?? I am looking forward to reliving my trip as I sort through my images. Best wishes to both of you for a lovely Christmas, and hope to see you again soon. Linda Crawley - December, 2018

What a fantastic tour the North Coast 500 was. Both Clive and Phil, as always, did their utmost to ensure we all got the most out of the trip. And what a trip it was, as ever with our 'hosts', all so highly organised and every day was planned according to the forecast. It was like a military operation getting 14 of us right around the north of Scotland and what experienced and wonderful drivers they are too. The venues and hotels chosen were superb and staying in a castle, with dinner held in a baronial banqueting hall, with a huge roaring fire, completely surprised us all and was my highlight of the tour. A diversion from The North Coast 500 to the Isle of Skye and staying in the Sligachan Hotel was inspired and we lived in the height of luxury there with unparalleled dining. Whenever the weather was against us alternative plans were put in place so we could all photograph something different. I am still trawling through my images, but already have several that I love. Thoroughly recommended. Colin Mahoney - December, 2018

Thank you so much for all you did to make the trip to Exmoor so pleasurable. I greatly appreciated the help you gave me with my images as well as in walking in what, for me, was sometimes challenging terrain. The trip was also greatly enhanced with the way in which we were so well looked after at the hotel: everybody combined to make us feel very welcome and at home. The food was of a very high standard with plenty of choice and, as a result, I now have to go on a diet for a week or two! Peter Pauwels - November, 2018

"What a fantastic tour the North Coast 500 was. Both Clive and Phil, as always, did their utmost to ensure we all got the most out o=f the trip. And what a trip it was, as ever with our 'hosts', all so highly organised and every day was planned according to the forecast. It was like a military operation getting 14 of us right around the north of Scotland and what experienced and wonderful drivers they are too. The venues and hotels chosen were superb and staying in a castle, with dinner held in a baronial banqueting hall, with a huge roaring fire, completely surprised us all and was my highlight of the tour. A diversion from The North Coast 500 to the Isle of Skye and staying in the Sligachan Hotel was inspired and we lived in the height of luxury there with unparalleled dining. Whenever the weather was against us alternative plans were put in place so we could all photograph something different. I am still trawling through my images, but already have several that I love. Thoroughly recommended." Colin Mahoney - November, 2018

The photo journey in Macedonia was a great success. I fell into an amazing world. The start in Skopje, a city with a cultural very old past and due to history interesting, very lively and pulsating. Meandering through the bazar was an unfamiliar challenge and full of new experience. The local Tour guide, Rante, had a profound knowledge of history, culture and all the modern life’s joys and sorrows. He showed enthusiasm for everything and the impact was infectious…. Wherever we went, he knew a story to tell us and he introduced us to his country as if we were a family member or a friend. To sum up the very best in retrospect: A perfectly well-prepared tour, well-balanced between having time on the spot to take pictures, meandering; either through the old bazar, the small villages or up to the hill and the driving part. [especially the hiking tour.] The right places at the right time, to take our pictures, together with the professional knowledge of Paul, all the help by technical advice and patient guidance, recognising our level of ability. The very good food The unique accommodation at the Tatto’s hotel The historical and cultural information mentioned by Rante including all kind of stories and surprises. Gabriela Hammer - October, 2018

Thank you both once again for an experience I will treasure. Kindest regards Arnie. Arnold Slater - October, 2018

Thank you again and again for a great trip! So well organised, with wonderful input on photography and such interesting places to go to, I really hope to travel with you two again (if you'll let me). Marja Diessel - October, 2018

Thank you, thank you and thank you again for an absolutely outstanding tour of Cornwall. Every detail was meticulously taken care of and everything was approached with a wonderful sense of fun and humour. This tour was very special to me - for about 6 years now I've had a photo tour of Cornwall on my bucket list/life goals. The tour I took with you exceeded every expectation I'd ever had. I will always remember this trip for the rest of my life as the two of you made it so special. We also had such an amazing group who all interacted wonderfully. Clive, Phil, I sincerely thank you again for everything you did on this trip. I know there were hundreds of behind the scenes details that the group did not see, but we truly appreciated the outcome of all your hard work. I am really hoping to again take a L&L tour. Marvin Job - October, 2018

One of my best holidays experiences ever on a camping safari tour of Botswana. Ben was a brilliant leader, informative, considerate and kind. Dr Margaret Jane Murphy - August, 2018

I had a great time of course, and you were both fantastic hosts and it is clear how long your days are and the effort you put into it - very much appreciated. Having shown my wife a picture of the pool midweek, she is less sure, however, of the exertions we all made! David O'Brian - June, 2018

What an utterly fantastic tour! You and Phil bust a gut (as you usually do) to sort out all the changes needed for the weather and to keep our spirts up at 5 am every morning. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It was everything I could have hoped for - and more. Funny though, I can't seem to remember much of Friday morning. Some silly person ventured that I was asleep by my tripod for 40 minutes. Can't possibly be true, can it? When I told my son, I thought he'd burst as he laughed so much. If you are allowed to release a copy to me of any photo he'd love to see it. I'll promise though, not to show the camera club, as I'm sure they know Light and Land for their action-packed tours, not a rest home for the retired Colin Mahoney - June, 2018

Thankyou Clive for your message and good wishes. John and I had a brilliant time with you, Phil and the rest of the group. It is amazing how you rise to the challenge of such diverse needs within the group so that everyone feels they have benefitted from your expertise. I certainly have many things to take away from the experiences you gave us and hopefully my photography will improve some more. We are seriously considering the Scotland trip. Best Wishes Hazel Price - June, 2018

Thanks for making this such an enjoyable & inspiring experience. Regards. Alastair Colvin - June, 2018

This really was a fantastico adventure, I loved every minute and am still smiling, those silly moments a wonderful foil for those breathtaking views. Who knew I would take up Morris Dancing. I am now looking forward to going through my images, I am sure there will be a few that I am super pleased with, all thanks to you two super heroes! (No need to don the pants over the trousers)! All best wishes and grazie molto. Helen Otton - June, 2018

I’d personally like to thank you both for your caring support for the pair of us, even before you were aware of the cause of our anxiety, and particularly for your help in making the arrangements for our early departure; we are most grateful. We had a trouble-free return journey and once we have our immediate activities out of the way I am sure that we will both share some images. Thanks for a great tour! Best wishes Tony Teague - June, 2018

Excellent customer service throughout the pre-booking and booking process. Trip well organised - ground logistics in Morocco smooth. Wide selection of workshops and tours led by leading landscape photographers. Reputation - recommended by several friends. Andy and the local guide ensured longer journeys were broken up with adequate stops for refreshments and photo opportunities (may be useful to be aware of in case of enquiries for future trips). Carole Glencorse - April, 2018

Most certainly yes, and I’d be looking out for any led by Paul or Graeme. I’ve travelled on several tours and this was definitely one of the best. We visited an enormous variety of locations, with endless photo opportunities. Paul and Graeme were first class leaders, offering plenty of help to those who needed it, and valuable critique to those of us who were more experienced and confident. And they made it tremendous fun. It was a really great experience, one that I’ll always remember with pleasure. April, 2018

An amazing trip to a beautiful place. Well organised and brilliantly led. I thoroughly enjoyed my first Light and Land photography tour. The tour leader, Mark McColl, has incredible, detailed local knowledge. He took us to some wonderful locations, some grand and spectacular, some more subtle; locations we would never have found by ourselves. He knew the times of day and the weather conditions that would allow us to make the most of each spot; he knew which locations were worth revisiting in different lights for different moods. Mark was generous with his photographic expertise and skills; patient and encouraging with his tips and explanations. He was good company, and it was a very congenial group that formed under his leadership. Mark found some excellent places for lunch and dinner; we had very good food to sustain us throughout our days’ exertions in the open air. We packed a great deal into our few days, but Mark knew exactly how to modulate the pace of the trip so that we never became too exhausted to enjoy it or work effectively. Our hotel was a great base, with friendly owners, and it was perfectly located for our various trips around the countryside. The trip was great fun, and I would thoroughly recommend Light and Land. Kate Carpenter - March, 2018

An outstanding 4 day photography tour. Mark McColl was a brilliant leader: he knew the area well and had researched the locations, he created a great atmosphere among our group of seven enthusiastic amateurs, and while taking shots alongside us, his focus was completely on helping each of us to learn and to develop our own ideas. I learned a lot and had a great time as well. My second L and L tour: it confirmed my view that they are best outfit I have been with. Bruce Ponder - March, 2018

Just returned from this excellent workshop run by Luke Whitaker and Charlie Waite. Two intensive days of detailed explanation of the requirements behind the business of preparing images for exhibiting and selling in a Gallery environment. This was, without doubt, one of the best , most informative workshops I have attended in many years....packed with detailed information (and some uncomfortable truths!) about the business of selling images, and what is required of the photographer to make progress in the crowded image industry. Luke's detailed programme leaves nothing to chance and explores all the facets of what it takes to penetrate a saturated market.....not just the theories, but illustrated with real examples of successful images and photographic artists......and yes, photographers are artists!.... Charlie contributes many years of experience from the 'front line' of the best in landscape photography, and one of the highlights of the workshop was the walk around Bosham harbour, where he analysed the scene in front of us, detailing the considerations he takes into account when 'pre-visualising' a potential image...the kind of detail that one day may help us make the difference between a 'great' photograph, rather than merely a 'good' photograph. He also critiqued image contributions from all the attendees, and delivered constructive criticism with consideration and charm to beginners and veterans alike. Luke also held 1-2-1 discussions with each attendee, helping to create individual plans for developing their image selling business (if that is what they want to do....) The workshop was held in the conference room of the very comfortable Millstream Hotel in Bosham, a stone's throw from Luke's Bosham Gallery and the picturesque harbour.....add in good food and a convivial atmosphere, what's not to like? I can recommend this workshop without reservation......if you get the chance, do it! BC Foodie - March, 2018

This was a truly excellent workshop! It was highly informative, inspiring and challenging, giving me much food for thought and many concrete pointers for action. The commercial perspective from Luke Whitaker, who runs the highly successful Bosham Gallery, and the artistic perspective from landscape photography master Charlie Waite made for a great balance, while their constructive critique, advice and encouragement were extremely helpful. It was a very intensive 2 days and a great deal of material was covered, but it was never too much to cope with as it was very well structured yet flexible enough to accommodate circumstances "on the ground". Bosham was a beautiful location and the Bosham Gallery is wonderful. The Millstream Hotel was a great venue with lovely food and the company was excellent! I am looking forward to putting into practice what I learned at this workshop and I'm sure it will help advance my photography. Highly recommended. Catherine Illsley - March, 2018

Recently completed 2 workshops- Long Exposures, Brighton with Doug Chinnery and Creative Landscapes, Lake District with Doug Chinnery and Valda Bailey. Both tours were well organised, well led and both thoroughly enjoyable and educational. Hotels were both great, as was the food. Weather was challenging in Brighton but Doug adapted the workshop to suit. Will be booking my next tour soon, can’t wait to go on another one! Alasdair - March, 2018

Peter Hendrie was an amazing tutor and a fantastic guy to spend time with. He has a lovely style able to help people like me who are starting out at the same time as taking care of the more experienced members. This was my first photography holiday. It was brilliant and I will be doing more with LIghtandLand. Len - March, 2018

I've recently spent a couple of days with Charlie Waite and Luke Whittaker, owner of the Bosham Galley on this excellent workshop. As the title says, it's not just about taking the photographs, the workshop was much more focussed on the commercial aspects of the business, although there was space built in for Critiques by Charlie of images bought, which was very helpful. In addition, Luke took time to discuss on a 121 basis with everyone their aspirations and business plans, which for me was incredibly useful and gave me a clear direction on my next steps. It was great being on a specialised workshop with like minded people. Many thanks for taking the time Luke and Charlie, and for your honesty, openess, professionalism and integrity !! Graham D - March, 2018

Groundbreaking! This workshop was full on and came at the right time for me. Either Luke Whitaker and Charlie Waite as course leader would have been awesome on their own but together, the best value workshop you will get! Thought provoking, strategic, practical and enormously enjoyable. This workshop delivered way beyond my expectations. Roseanne Rosanne - March, 2018

Amazing experience! Thank you Luke Whitaker and Charlie Waite for two great days where we explored all aspects from the creative to the commercial element and everything in-between.You have been so generous sharing your vast knowledge and experience with us as a group and on an individual basis, in a beautiful environment. I am inspired to take my work to the next level. Thank you Anne Anne - March, 2018

You are an excellent lecturer and your knowledge of Lightroom quite extraordinaire. I thought your tutorial was...excellent and I’ll certainly be looking at your website with a view to following it up in due course. Tony L - March, 2018

Thank you again for an excellent day, I enjoy coming to admire your instructional skills as well which are second to none and much to be admired. John - March, 2018

I really enjoyed the couple of days last week, I thought the course content was about right. Russell - March, 2018

Last week was brilliant! Preparing and delivering something like that is hard work, as I know from my own teaching experience, so I'm very grateful. I really like your approach, using a USB stick with images on it. Keeping everyone in sync is so much more efficient than having everyone trying to use the same tools but on different images. We covered a lot of ground in the time, and I'm very grateful for that. I found all of it useful and wouldn't want to change the balance. Obviously on Photoshop we only scratched the surface, so I'd be interested in a follow-up if you offer that some time. Jerry - March, 2018

I am writing to say thank you so much for your excellent and challenging three days going over Lightroom and Photoshop software and all its levels. I am still in a whirl but when the dust settles I feel more confident that I will be able to get the best out of my images. I am sure everyone went home feeling that they have been enlightened as I did and look forward to working on their photos and bringing the best out of them. Tony S - March, 2018

Thanks for a perfect two days. Sorry I couldn’t stay until the end. 5* course for me and everything perfect. You took us through a lot, answered questions clearly and kept up a great pace. I feel well positioned to start using Photoshop with Lightroom as I assimilate what you taught. Len - March, 2018

it was a terrific workshop, not least for the breadth and depth of insight into the business end of presenting and selling photographs. It has given me lots to think about and a very clear direction of what I need to work on in order to get all my ducks in a row and hopefully make it in the world of photography! So a big thank you to both Luke and Charlie for their enthusiasm and help and everyone in the group for a pleasant workshop. Nick Oakley - March, 2018

Terry, our leader, took us to some of the most unlikely locations to get some cracking shots. For anyone wanting a photographically based tour of The City of London this makes a perfect choice. Living in the West Country, I wouldn’t have a clue how to go about photographing the great sights without a workshop like this. Our leader, Terry, took us to each location, explained the geography, discussed his ideas to be used a starting points, showed examples of his work and left us to explore and regroup. In the meantime he circulated and gave help when needed. Excellent. Ken Wilkie - February, 2018

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable trip. The experience of being in Venice with two people who knew it so well and their way through the maze of back streets, plus the ability to be in the right place at the right time, together with the patient guidance to each of us having recognised our level of ability (or lack of it Moira Brimacombe - February, 2018

You are complete stars, loved the Venice trip so much, it was fantastic to be back and catch up with you both. It was an exceptionally good group and good fun. I am not waiting for years until the next catch up, so Oxo it will be. Really disappointed I can’t make Cornwall, so the next trip may well be Venice ’19! When processed I will email you an image from the trip! Thank you both for all your help, technical advice and guidance, it really was brilliant. Thanks, Kate Kate Somervell - February, 2018

Thanks for a great trip. I was looking forward to it so much and it more than lived up to my expectations. You and Phil and your unique sense of humour help the group bond and have a good time whilst learning from you both and each other. Thank you once again, until the next time. Ellie Cooper - February, 2018

Dear Clive and Phil, Molte molte Gracie! Fantastico, favoloso, gioioso, superbo! What an entirely brilliant few days, I can’t believe that in such a short time I have learnt so much, walked so much and eaten so much! I loved everything about our Venetian adventure (even if the old joints did complain a bit) it just ended too soon......I was ready to head off for San Marco at 6 this morning. Not only is your enthusiasm for everything infectious (I will now see grey dull days in a totally different light!) but you are both so patient and generous with your time and knowledge. I had so many ‘light bulb’ moments on this trip I could have competed with last night’s Blue Moon. Who knew shaking a camera could be so much fun. From the purple corner, huge thanks. Until the next time, Saluti and Best Wishes Helen Morgan - February, 2018

Thanks for the group photo, we look so happy! Back at work today, and the feet are surprisingly fine. Looking forward to seeing your images from this trip. I plan on downloading mine this weekend, and then probably leaving them for a few weeks before I do anything with them. Thank you both for a great trip. I shall definitely be returning, both to Venice as it was a magical place, and on a trip with you. Maybe Cornwall or Scotland next year! All the best. Jennifer Mordue - February, 2018

Thank you Clive and Phil for a stupendous Venice trip. What a great time we had and such an atmospheric place. And thank you for my delicious birthday cake! And for Dave’s too! Missing all the walking - had to take Pete’s dog for a brisk walk at lunch to compensate! See you soon I hope. Anna Booth - February, 2018

Thanks so much for a great trip - v much enjoyed both personally and photographically. Now plunged back into non-functioning computers and the like but will look forward to downloading and editing all the pix when I get it all sorted!! Thanks, and all best Lis Long - February, 2018

Clive and Phil were both sensitive to the needs of each individual and tailored their responses accordingly. Their enthusiasm and humour was infectious. It was such a bonus to be in Venice (where everybody gets lost!) with two people who knew it like the back of their hands and could guide us through the maze of tiny streets to where we wanted to be. They always managed to have us in the right place at the right time. The restaurants they chose were just right as regards quality, location, atmosphere and price range and I am glad to have the names and locations (from Phil's detailed itinerary) to guide me if I make another visit there. The hotel couldn't be better as regards location, facilities....and food (the breakfast was really excellent!) The only things I would have liked different would have been more feedback on photos taken...perhaps one or two sessions when we gathered together round a screen and presented some of our captures. That could have been a good learning experience....although I appreciate it would have been difficult to fit in without cutting short an evening meal or omitting an outing. Another small suggestion I may offer is that it would have been nice to have slightly longer over breakfast which sometimes felt a little bit rushed. These are not criticisms just personal reflections Moira Brimacombe - February, 2018

This is my second tour with Phil and Clive. They are so well prepared and flexible. Their enthusiasm is infectious and their gentle tutoring and critique is immensely helpful. I have been so taken with the way they run their tours that I have immediately signed up for Tuscany next year with them Ian Scott - February, 2018

Just a note to say how much I enjoyed my trip to Vietnam and thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to visit and photograph this wonderful country. The trip exceeded all expectations which was mainly, if not solely, down to you and Phil. The part you played was totally and utterly selfless and professional with nothing being too much trouble. I would have no hesitation on returning to Vietnam with you next year, and no hesitation in recommending this trip to any traveller/ photographer. Visiting a country is one thing, but seeing it with you is quite a different thing. Many thanks again for making this trip one that I will always remember. Best wishes in all your future adventures John Rowland - February, 2018

It was a wonderful trip with many exceptional moments that will remain in memory for ever. Thanks again to you, Phil and not least Diep John Canning - February, 2018

Thanks again to you and Phil for organising such a great trip – you make it look so easy but I appreciate all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes and managing such an unruly group is never easy (present company excepted ;-) Hope to catch up soon or, if not, on Sark. Best wishes Davina Clift - February, 2018

Thanks again for a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to see everyone’s photos! All best, as ever. Sophie Goldsworthy - February, 2018

You were both fabulous and I appreciated your support and thoughtfulness throughout the tour. It was a lot of fun but hard going at times for all of us, including you both. Yes, I woke up at 4 am yesterday confused as to where I was! Thanks again. Best wishes Jo Cleary - February, 2018

Another great trip. It would seem, that you have struck gold again & it can stand comparison with your earlier trips to Cuba & Myanmar; in other words, outstanding! Peter Wilman - February, 2018

Thanks for an amazing adventure! Edie Clifford - February, 2018

Hope you are both recovering from your jet lag. Currently I am looking out of my window onto about 3 inches plus of snow, quite a change from Saigon. I would like to thank you both for organising such a wonderful trip and how fortunate you were to find Diep as the local guide. I miss the boat rides which were so relaxing in fact it all seems another world away now. Many thanks for all your help and patience. I shall be looking through the Light and Land tours in the next few days. I enjoyed the group lots of laughs as usual Diane Smith - February, 2018

I have recently returned from an outstanding trip to Vietnam with Phil and Clive. I just wished that it could have gone on for ever as it really did change my view of life and the way I now see things. It was a magical experience from start to finish where photography can spread a cloak of joy before it, and all people no matter what colour or race can share in its beauty. It brought me so much joy and I have made some wonderful Vietnamese friends both young and old. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you do in bringing photography into so many lives and to Light & Land for affording us the opportunity to share our passion with others from near locations and far flung places. Photography really has no boundaries apart from those we needlessly apply ourselves. John Rowland - February, 2018

I just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had, and we learnt so much, I will post a review on the web-site shortly, once I have got my head over the paperwork etc. Again, thank you so much for looking after us Lisa and Phil Ashton-Jones - February, 2018

Thanks again for another great week Teddy Sugrue - February, 2018

We too thoroughly enjoyed our time together, great company and very good photography in a dry Scotland made it a very memorable occasion. Many thinks to you both for once again bringing that special ingredient to the trip Best wishes Alan and Julie Walker - February, 2018

Gosh it looks cold ooop north. Thanks Clive and Phil (Or is it Phil and Clive, I never remember) for your inspired leadership and fine hospitality and I have no problem with circulating email addresses. Dennis Craggs - February, 2018

Phil and Clive, thank you for a brilliant few days, as ever I am very impressed with your enthusiasm, patience, and dedication. If only we could all behave like you two the world would be a terrific place. Peter Lewis - February, 2018

Thank you very much for your emails and the itinerary. It was a very enjoyable trip but I haven’t had time to process since returning, though did manage to give Neil a quick tutorial on Lightroom at Inverness airport! I will email you soon with more thoughts on the trip – which areas I found particularly good and some where I think small alterations could be made. Hope Vietnam goes well, I am sure that your preparation will mean it is a success. With thanks and best wishes Godfray Guilbert - February, 2018

Many thanks to you both for a great trip, and particularly for all the trouble you took to research the locations and to offer us so much variety. All best wishes Lis Long - February, 2018

I did enjoy the tour very much, which I already mentioned to Phil. Great views, lovely company and experienced advice from you. Thanks again for everything and for being drone friendly too! Alexander Zelinskiy - February, 2018

Brilliant as ever!!! So enjoyed myself. Company and scenery were great. Will start the big processing job tomorrow. Have fun in Vietnam. Best regards Neil Jackson - February, 2018

Thanks again for a great trip. Thanks also for the birthday cake! Regards, Maurice - Best wishes from Margaret too. Maurice Ford - February, 2018

Thanks so much for an epic trip savouring the NC500. You are the crock at the end of the rainbow ..... of gold not s**t. Love Julia xx Julia Moffett - February, 2018

Thanks for another wonderful time. As always, you both were amazing Debbie Jackson - February, 2018

Always fun to spend time with you. Thanks for the pre-planning to make for a nice trip. Larry Jackson - February, 2018

Phil and Clive are hard working, friendly and attentive tutors giving us our own space, and available when you need them. They were always ready to advise on technical matters and to make suggestions on composition, content etc. The pre-course work they put in was outstanding. The program was carefully thought out to fill the week, while remaining flexible enough for some to do their own thing or simply rest. Their rapport with their contacts on the island was invaluable, ensuring we were welcome at private venues and given enough freedom to be creative. They also made excellent use of local expertise (Sue) whose talk on night photography really fired us up for the following day when we got some great star shots. Some of us were so inspired that we went out again the following night. Their greatest strength is their ability to engage with photographers at all levels as equals to help them to improve by gently passing on their gems of knowledge on the subject. This ultimately helped individual delegates to gel as a group so that we enjoyed each others' company and exchanged ideas in an atmosphere of mutual support. That doesn't happen by accident. Ian Scott - February, 2018

Huge thanks to you and Phil for a fantastic trip to Sark. Great locations, a wonderful group of Light & Landers and a first-class hotel. As always, I learned a lot from both of you which will improve my image making in years to come.Looking forward to the next time and more photographic adventures. John Rowland - February, 2018

Thank you and Phil so much for a wonderful week. I am going to have to improve my repertoire of puns for the next time we come on a Light and Land holiday with you. The week ranks high amongst our most memorable experiences. Sark, the people, the scenery, the lovely group on the holiday and the hotel all made it very special. David Allen - February, 2018

On return home I wanted to write and thank both of you for a great week during the tour of Sark. I found your (rather different!) styles very enjoyable, and the success of the trip owed a lot to both of you, in terms of your preparatory work and day to day management of the tour. I must admit that I had some reservations about whether there was enough to see on Sark to fill a week, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. It is a splendid location and I will certainly try and revisit sometime. All the best David Cole - February, 2018

All the thanks for the success of the tour belong to Phil and yourself. I thought you both ran and planned the visit in your inimitable fashion with good humour and great thoroughness: whatever the weather threw at us we had interesting locations to photograph and the group dynamics were excellent with everybody fitting in extremely well. The fact that we were so well received wherever we went was entirely down to your thorough groundwork. Again, a massive thank you to you both for all you did to make the week so enjoyable and I hope it won't be too long before I can join you on another trip. Best wishes Peter Pauwels - February, 2018

Thank you so much for such an enjoyable week, you really did enable me to enjoy the best of photography opportunities and a holiday in an idyllic location, and add to that staying in a rather nice hotel and surrounded by nice people. I’m shortly going off to the gym to start burning off the weight from too many slices of coffee cake! Very best wishes to you and Phil Peter Lewis - January, 2018

I really enjoyed the Sark trip and the way you both led the trip. Great group as well. Lots of fun and I'm happy with my photos and looking forward to using your approaches again. Sark was how I remembered the English countryside from my childhood memories and had never been able to find again. Best wishes Robert Dickinson - January, 2018

Thank you, thank you and thank you again. Indeed, thrice thank you. What a great holiday with great people and a great hotel. I so thoroughly enjoyed it. The island is a special place and I would urge everyone to go and experience it for themselves. Both of you were, as always, attentive to everyone’s needs and always willing to help when needed. The final evening with the islanders showing our photos was FUN!!! They were all so friendly and participated whole heartedly in a wonderful event. Thank you both for organising the evening and the whole holiday. I know that you both worked tirelessly to ensure that everything ran like clockwork. I rekindled my friendship with existing friends from previous L&L trips and also made some new ones in a special week. So . . . time to start the ‘big process’. Looking forward to October and North Coast 500 already. Bring it on!!!! Best regards Neil Jackson - January, 2018

An enjoyable experience. Terry Gibbins provided excellent tuition with endless patience. Jayne Renwick - January, 2018

The Isle of Skye workshop was a fantastic experience and it was wonderful to visit the Island in December with snow-capped mountains and beautiful light. The tour was extremely well organised and Tony and Mark were excellent engaging tutors with much knowledge and experience they were always willing to share. The hotel in Portree was lovely and made a perfect base for the week. Shooting locations were chosen according to the weather conditions and safety of the group, and with much flexibility we always seemed to be in the right place at the right time to make the best of the light. Tony and Mark would always circulate around the group and offer excellent advice and give very valuable, honest, and always spot-on image feedback whenever asked! One of the best things about going on a tour, as well as improving photography and processing skills, is to have fun, enjoy the humour, and meet other like-minded people to enjoy shared experiences and build great memories. This trip was no exception and it was such a pleasure to meet new people, some of whom I already consider friends and will definitely be keeping in touch with. Thanks to Light and Land for a fantastic trip! Heather Tonge - January, 2018

I really enjoyed the Hebrides tour. It's such a beautiful part of the country and the tour took us to all of the best bits. Doug and Terry (who stepped in at the last minute) were excellent leaders with good knowledge of the locations and all the techniques required for a really creative workshop. Doug is a born leader/tutor and did an excellent Lightroom/Photoshop session on the last rainy afternoon rounding of a perfect week. Another superb tour with Light & Land. Phil Johnson - October, 2017

"Paul and Nathan were superb. They did a very professional job as regards the teaching. As well as that they were very supportive to the group as individuals and as a group. Nothing was too much trouble. They were great fun. I felt that I could ask anything and they would help me. This was my first experience of L&L and it was great! Thank you very much” Ann Henry - October, 2017

Hi guys, Thanks for putting on a great workshop last weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. Although quite a challenge, it was fun to try something completely different to the sort of things I would normal shoot - namely wildlife. The pair of you went above and beyond to spend time with each of us and provide assistance and encouragement where needed and for that I thank you. I have to say that I thought our "base camp" was superb and I'd happily come back there any time. I've been recommending it to all and sundry at work the last couple of days to anybody that was considering heading down to Exmoor. I also have to commend the choice of venues we visited. They proved to be an interesting mix, offering something different at each one. Clearly, you can't beat a bit of local knowledge. Finally, a special thanks to you both - as guides, tutors, hosts, taxi drivers and the countless other roles you threw yourselves into, you did a great job and I'd be more than happy for the opportunity to tag along with you again. Best wishes Phil Phil - August, 2017

Both tour leaders worked hard to ensure everyone was happy and getting photographs. The locations we visited were excellent and the accommodation and food were superb. Phil - July, 2017

Creating a website that strongly show cases your work seems like a technical challenge too far for most photographers. Not so after a day's empowering tuition from Adrian, who makes the learning fun. Jim - June, 2017

Thanks for such an amazing week - you and Phil were incredible leaders - and what a wonderful group we had. I feel very lucky to have been part of it. Really appreciated all the time you two took with me - I learned so much - and it was such fun. Arrived in Firenze yesterday - and off to Bologna tomorrow - then to Venice for 4 days. So glad you two finally got home - what an ordeal - hope all goes smoothly for Santorini! Bestest Margie - June, 2017

A most enjoyable trip and so well looked after by Clive and Phil....... coping with one logistics nightmare after another! and still smiling and great company. Julia - June, 2017

Many thanks to Clive and Phil for ensuring that we made our flight, the check in desk wasn't even open when we arrived at the airport so we were there in plenty of time. The flight was delayed by half an hour but this is nothing compared to your problems. We had a wonderful time so many thanks to you and Phil for all your efforts.​ Alan and Julie - June, 2017

Thank you for your help with my photographic efforts. I may not have ended up with masterpieces but the one thing the trip showed me was how to look for and use the light. Cheryl - June, 2017

Thanks to you and Phil for organising a very enjoyable trip. Hopefully will have some images to share soon! Chris - June, 2017

Had a great trip, all thanks to you and Phil for all your hard work (as usual). Hope you get back safely and have enough time to recover before the next one! Jayne, your Bagno Vignoni Aficionado!! Jayne - June, 2017

Loved every minute. Clive and Phil were knowledgeable, patient, encouraging and kind. They are exemplary tour leaders, nothing was too onerous for them. Light and Land are fortunate to have them. Sharon - June, 2017

This is my 2nd light and land tour, the other one was with Phil and Clive as well. They are both so genuine, fun and patient. They are also such compliments of each other. You couldn't ask for a better pairing for your tour! Rachel - June, 2017

Just spent a day at Corfe Castle with Andy Farrer. Great location and an ideal introduction to landscape photography for someone who'd never taken a photo with a camera on a tripod before!! Absolutely no pressure and lots of informal advice which I found invaluable. Trying to work out which workshop to book next. Trevor - June, 2017

Sue Bishop is a fantastic instructor spending individual time with each student to improve their work. Booking with Light and Land was easy and their staff responded quickly and accurately to our questions. Hardest part was finding them to begin with. Several participants in our delightfully small class had been on previous workshops with them and now we know why. Destination exceed our admittedly high hopes. Highest compliment is both my husband and I found we shoot differently as a result of working with Sue. June, 2017

Sue Bishop is a fantastic instructor spending individual time with each student to improve their work. It was a highlight of our 2 week trip to the Netherlands! Booking with Light and Land was easy and their staff responded quickly and accurately to our questions. Hardest part was finding them to begin with. Several participants in our delightfully small class had been on previous workshops with them and now we know why. Destination exceed our admittedly high hopes . Highest compliment is both my husband and I found we shoot differently as a result of working with Sue. Candace - June, 2017

Very impressed by the tour organisation and Sue's attention to detail. She had time for everyone and made sure she divided her time equally between all of us. Fiona - June, 2017

Very impressed by the tour organisation and Sue's attention to detail. She had time for everyone and made sure she divided her time equally between all of us. Fiona - June, 2017

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