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Thank you for creating an amazing opportunity for photographers to experience the exotic and beautiful land of Namibia. The planning was meticulous throughout the entire trip. I realize meals and accommodations are not always to everyone's liking, but Justin and Tony did an excellent job of creating the best experience for all clients. Justin and Tony are always helpful and generous with their expertise in the field. It is just fabulous to have two such talented and friendly professional photographers lead this workshop!!!! I want to especially thank everyone at Light and Land for the very last minute booking of alternative lodging for our last night. I know that clients' comfort is very important and I appreciate the time and cost it took to make this work. Lynda - March, 2017

Trip of a lifetime to the beautiful Lofoten Islands Norway. Carla was fantastic as usual driving us to far flung locations in blizzard conditions at all times of the day and night.. We experienced the magical Northern Lights on 3 separate occasions which was just a dream come true I was so excited I didn't even feel the arctic conditions. We were lucky enough to have a huge snow storm on day one which meant we had stunning photography conditions all week long... Thanks to David also for the great Lightroom tuition... Could have spent another 2 weeks photographing this stunning location... may have to go back again one day :-) Helen - March, 2017

Dear Doug, Just a quick mail to say thank you for yet another great workshop. As always your planning and locations were faultless. I know how much hard work you put in even before you set eyes on a client and it shows! So much appreciate by me. With best wishes Anita March, 2017

Clive, Phil and the amazing Shine, did a fantastic job on this trip. It must rate as one of the best we have ever been on and we have been on a few organised trips over the years. The photographic opportunities were endless, the organisation was simply faultless and I cannot think of anything you could have done to improve the trip. That said, certain airlines could have been better - but they are outside of your control. I’m sure the photographs will be great and will do justice to all the amazing people and places we saw. Shine’s cast of thousands gave us more than enough opportunities to get good photos - he worked so hard to help us all. Please circulate my email address to the others in the group. They were a great bunch and helped to make the trip such a success. I hope we can meet up with them on a future trip. I am not sure yet just how many photographs that Christine and I took - I would imagine there will be a few thousand to review. Hopefully we can edit hat number down to a much more manageable figure for post processing. As soon as we have finished off the Venice photos we will get started on the Myanmar images and then start uploading them onto the L&L site and onto Facebook, of course. This trip far surpassed our expectations and we will definitely be on a future trip with you and Phil. We are very interested in the North Coast 500 and would love to hear about your recce. Finally, thanks for the photo. Take care and we will see you soon. Neil - March, 2017

Back on Terra Firma after a truly amazing experience in Myanmar over the last couple of weeks. A big thank you to Clive Minnitt and Phil Malpas (and not forgetting our guide Shine) for all your hard work organising and co-ordinating the trip, and to all the lovely people I met - it was a privilege to be there and to spend such a special experience with all of you. Myanmar is a special place and the people have such a lovely, kind and soulful energy. I hope that my photographs help to capture that essence and do them the justice they deserve! Be warned folks - there will be photos, but it may take a while to sort through them all - I did take quite a few LOL!" Beverley - March, 2017

Dear Doug and Valda, Many thanks to you both for a great few days in the Lakes this week and the follow-up notes and links. My hopes were to learn the basics of ICM and ME but came away having learned so much more, courtesy of your patience in guiding a beginner and answering my many, often basic, questions. Having browsed through the images a couple of times so far I have been amazed at the progress made and the fact that there are even a few half decent images, some even prompting a ‘wow’ reaction from my wife! I will select a few for the L & L gallery in due course and I will definitely be printing some for framing and display around the house. The best outcome has perhaps been the inspiration it has given me and the fact that I now look at the landscape with a much more inquisitive and, hopefully, creative eye. So thank you once again for providing this inspiration and new approach to my photography. Best wishes to you both. John - February, 2017

I am extremely lucky and go on lots of "trips of a lifetime" ...... Myanmar was THE trip of a lifetime. Thank you for the help, fun, patience(!), organisation and inspiration! Julia - February, 2017

So many things to photograph and such a well organised trip. I can’t believe we packed in so much, but I’m sure the photographs will confirm it. I can’t help smiling at the thought of the cast of thousands summoned by Shine to perform for us in the ‘Wonderful Avenue’ in Bagan. What a character and what a star that man is! The three of you worked so well together to give the whole group such a wonderful time. And what a group as well - a really great bunch of people who all got on so well. Neil - February, 2017

Paul Sanders was a superb leader, I really cannot praise him highly enough. He had time for everyone, and was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Ed, the guide, was a great ‘fixer’. He seemed to know everyone in Albania -and they all liked him!). His knowledge of place and history, together with his command of English, when combined with his humorous stories, made for an informative and fun time. Fati, the driver, was an excellent driver. He never got lost and was most considerate in the manner of his driving. I’ve been driven around Southern Europe by many people; without doubt, Fati was the best! The other photographers were a great bunch and we were indeed fortunate that we all got on very well. The hotels were perfectly satisfactory. I know some were disappointed by the first, but not me. Paul’s choice of stops was inspired. Many locations were out of the way and certainly not obvious. There were enough venues for everyone, street as well as landscape. The scenery in Albania was a real eye-opener, as was the friendliness of the people, and the low costs. Although the choice of menu was occasionally limited, the food was very tasty and plentiful. Richard - February, 2017

This was one of the best photography tours that I have been on. The organisation by the leaders was excellent and I cannot think of anything they could have done to improve it. Clive, Phil and Shine were superb and I am not sure how Shine managed to coax so many local people to appear in our photography shoots. I can wholeheartedly recommend this tour to anyone who wants to improve their photographic skills - there are so many opportunities to make great images. Neil - February, 2017

Many thanks again to you both for a most enjoyable, informative and inspiring day. You were a pleasure to meet and it was also most interesting to hear about your own work. Your notes look very complete and I will study them over time. I was looking again last night at your own websites and enjoyed reading about your own influences. I wish you both continued success with your photography and look forward to meeting you again. Tamara - February, 2017

Definitely the best photography workshop I have attended - partly my interest in the subject but also the balance Doug and Valda achieved - imparting technical knowledge, their openness to questions and their unerring enthusiasm. There was a very collegiate feel among the participants too. Muriel - February, 2017

Thank you both for another fantastic holiday. So glad that it snowed for the last two days, really made a special difference to the scenery. I had a brilliant time once again with lots and lots and lots of FUN. The last night in the bar was such fun and we all laughed so much. Bob and I touched down at Heathrow at 3.30 and said our last goodbyes. So hope I will be able to meet up with everyone again on a future trip or two. Looking forward to Sark! Warmest regards Neil Jackson - January, 2017

A great tour. The location is magnificent and we were very fortunate with the weather, enough snow to cover everywhere, but not so much that travel became impossible, although Clive and Phil had to deal with some challenging driving conditions, especially on one memorable occasion in Glen Etive. So the photography was great. However, with these two, it is always much more than that, because they make everything fun - even being out in driving winds and heavy rain and snow. A great idea was to ask everyone to participate in sessions to view and critique a selection of the day's pictures. That provided lots of excellent advice from Clive and Phil and also ideas from how others had seen the opportunities of the locations. I realise that an exercise such as this is not practicable for many tours, because of the long days on location and also because of the logistics of transporting projectors and screens. But I think it's certainly something that should be recommended to other tour leaders. Bob Holmes - January, 2017

Just returned from a fabulous trip to Cornwall with Carla Regler. It was a fantastic few days and nothing was too much trouble for Carla & her husband even though I booked onto the trip very last minute! Locations were amazing and we were always in the right place at the right time, hotel was great I had the best view of St Michaels Mount and the food was delicious. Carla was the best offering so much technical and artistic advice and great patience and support.. I can't wait for the Lofoten Islands trip in Feb now :-) Thanks Light & Land Helen - December, 2016

Just returned from Poldark's Cornwall trip with Carla Regler had a fantastic few days & nothing was too much trouble for Carla & her husband even though I booked on at the very last minute... locations were amazing & always in the right place at the right time.. Carla was the best offering so much technical & artistic advice & great patience & support... I can't wait for the Lofoten Islands trip in Feb now :-) Helen Trust - December, 2016

I too thought that my one day was hugely rewarding.  Thank you very much. I have been putting it into practice as quickly as possible.  Paolo - November, 2016

I wanted to drop you a line both to thank and to congratulate you for Saturdays session which I found invaluable.  Following on I have spent two days re-organising and updating my photo library which is now in very good shape I believe.  Further I doubt I will be using Photoshop much in the future since now I have a better grasp of Lightroom that is going to be my software of choice when editing/finding/storing pictures. Thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you next year for the second day [by then I hope I will be on top of all the things you communicated on Saturday. Furthermore if you wish to use me as a reference I am quite happy if you give my e mail to others I will happily give a great reference. Peter - November, 2016

I wanted to say what an excellent workshop you ran. Your knowledge, enthusiasm and patience came across so well and the two days were so enjoyable and informative. Thank you for helping me catchup on the bits I missed due to storm Angus and Southeastern Rail services… I am now fired up to progress with Lightroom and I will most likely take you up on your questions by email offer. You sound as though you really mean to continue helping out with any queries. Thank you! I will certainly keep an eye out for further courses you are running so hope to participate again before too long. It was a pleasure also to meet Clare. Good luck with driving back to Barnstaple! Best wishes also to all the group, hope we meet again too. Tamara - November, 2016

Thank you so much for Saturdays workshop, I really appreciated the time you spent making sure I was able to keep up ! I found the information clearly presented and the excellent literature will be essential for me to work through now I am back home. A mouse is now essential on my new computer. You asked for feedback on the venue, excellent, easy to access, with pleasant helpful staff and good loos.. Most enjoyable method of learning Lightroom, thank you once again, sure I will have a query or two in the future. Judy - November, 2016

A fantastic day, Well worth every penny. Thank you and hope to see you again soon Warren - November, 2016

Thanks again for yesterday, it was a really fantastic day as you covered everything I thought I needed to know and more! Thanks for presenting everything so wonderfully clearly and for the notes book.  I'm sure I'll be in touch and hope to meet you and the others again on another course. Heather - November, 2016

"Dear Adrian, I thought you ran two excellent workshops at the weekend. They were clear, well structured and with very helpful documentation. I was impressed by your ability to be responsive to the individual needs of participants while still covering the promised agenda.  I also admire your stamina - two full on days with hardly a break! I felt my needs and questions were very well met and I came away as a Lightroom enthusiast!  Finally, I could not have imagined that two days working on software could be so much fun. Thank you very much indeed. I hope your journey back home has not been too horrific." Janine - November, 2016

“Puglia in Southern Italy is a region I had never visited before - and it is wonderful. The week's trip was a joy from start to finish. Two of the finest coaches I have ever come across Peter Hendrie and Paul Sanders were attentive but not intrusive and of course very experienced as both photographers and tutors. They were also very friendly and approachable. We stayed in 2 hotels - 3 days in one and then 4 days in the other. Both were clean and well managed, with more than adequate facilities. The weather helped to make the week so good - perfect for the whole week. Our coaches took us to interesting locations and I got some great [I think] pictures. In the evenings we went to different restaurants to eat and had some outstanding food. A super bonus for the trip was that in one of the locations where we stayed there was a festival running and the streets were festooned with some hugely impressive lights. All in all I would unreservedly recommend this trip to all!” Peter Fortune - October, 2016

Excellent photographic support and instruction. Enjoyed the tour very much. Nice balance of recuperative time and photographic time. Wonderful to see the small hilltop villages. Excellent stay at Fonte Antica. Great support from Emily in the UK. July, 2016

Excellent tour leaders who worked very hard to make sure everyone had a great experience on this tour. Made the tour fun. Very talented professionals who shared their knowledge and created a rewarding and enjoyable tour. Thank you to both Clive and Phil. July, 2016

They had obviously done a lot of research into the locations. What I particularly liked was the flexibility in the choice of locations to fit in with the weather conditions. July, 2016

As usual Valda and Doug ran a very relaxed and inspirational workshop. Both were very generous in sharing their knowledge and thoughts. July, 2016

It was such a splendid week I sepent with Ben and the other participants. The week was a success in every respect. Perfectly organised and supported by Ben and his team, super accommodation and the food was fantastic. Everything highly exceeded my expectations. As I mentioned to Ben I would like to attend another tour. June, 2016

Really excellent tour: great leaders, great locations, great group atmosphere (I'm sure the leaders help to create this). I was expecting a lot, and it was even better than that. Most of the people on the tour had been with Phil and Clive before, and came back for more: that says more than any words. June, 2016

Thanks for sending the group photo. And even more, a huge THANK YOU for making it possible for me and the rest of the group to have such a wonderful and memorable week doing photography and having fun in Santorini! The week really couldn't have been better -- and that's due in large part to your thorough preparation and your infectious enthusiasm, as well as your thoughtfulness and your humour! As well as having fun, I learned some valuable photographic lessons (such as actually experiencing the importance of the type/quality of light; also, now I actually do remember to keep it simple, check the edges of the frame, and avoid extraneous detail). Thanks so much for critiquing our photos. I hope you will continue to run many more trips, and that I can be on some of them! All the best, June, 2016

Santorini was a wonderful experience with fascinating forms, textures and colors AND cats! A different photographic experience than Myanmar and Tuscany BUT the leadership was the same high quality. Phil and Clive know how to teach, when to offer a suggestion and when just to be there for support. They know how to lead with a light hand so that we were quite happily at the minibus by 5AM. They create a safe environment for learning and one which is filled with fun. I would follow them anywhere! There was a lovely frosting on the cake as it were for this trip. Emily came! Emily is my Light and Land ground .. always there by email for help. As organized and efficient as she is in the office, she is so much fun to be around on vacation. June, 2016

This was a fantastic tour to a beautiful location with a lovely group of people and two first class leaders. As well as being fantastic individuals Phil and Clive are extremely gifted tour leaders and tutors. Their performance is consistently at the highest level, attentive without being intrusive, and consistently aware of the different levels of skill amongst the group members. As well as the location photography I found the daily critique sessions of group members' work to be of interest and value, especially as it was carried out in such a friendly and constructive atmosphere. June, 2016

A thoroughly enjoyable tour - loved the photography, the hotel, the food, our lovely group - not forgetting the guys wonderful sense of humour. I didn't want to leave! Phil and Clive always gave 110% to the group - always on hand to assist in whatever way they could, be it advice on composition or technical information. They put their clients first. The hotel was centrally located so travelling times were kept to a minimum. With the long days the afternoon breaks were very welcome. I like the detailed itinerary received after the trip - helps to jog the memory making it easy to place where each photo was taken. June, 2016

I have just returned from a magical holiday to Tuscany, somewhere I have always wanted to see. I wanted to make sure I went with the right photography company to make sure I made the most of my experience. I haven't been away with Light and Land for many years and I am so glad I went with them. Phil Malpas and Clive Minnitt were warm and welcoming and couldn't do enough for all of the group. I have learnt so much from both of them this week. I cannot recommend Light and Land highly enough, especially if Phil and Clive are the leaders, you will have a blast. You know that scene in Gladiator when he's walking back to his home through the wheat fields, and he lets the grain heads brush through his hands? Yeah, I want to do that, well I have now done that. When Phil mentioned to me in the minibus where we were going I had tears in my eyes and the hair of the back of my neck stood up. A location to tick of my bucket list. I am so very happy. June, 2016

Phil and Clive were, as always, completely dedicated to providing the best experience possible for every member of the group. Nothing is too much for them. Wonderful locations, great people and lots and lots and lots of FUN. May, 2016

I cannot praise Phil and Clive highly enough. Very professional with great people skills mixed with humour and knowledge. A lot of thought had obviously been put into the itinerary with the hotel well placed so there was not too much travelling to locations unlike other companies I have travelled with. May, 2016

A short introduction to the day ahead was then charged with the battle cry from Doug, 'just go and do it'! What more could one ask for. With that level of enthusiasm I achieved some wonderful results. May, 2016

Doug was very attentive, and provided great feedback throughout the workshop April, 2016

Adrian was very informative and helpful to his class and I am sure we all learned from his instruction. He was very patient and helpful with queries that we anyone had . Certainly I feel I understand Lightroom more now than I did on last Friday April, 2016

Good balance and variety between big locations that might take an afternoon and small ones (a copse of trees) that might take half an hour. The Blakeney Hotel is difficult to fault. Comfy sofas, log fires, good coffee! Big rooms so plenty of space for gear. Lovely staff. March, 2016

Amazing week, probably the best photo tour I have ever been on. March, 2016

David was an enthusiastic and lively leader. He was always happy to share his knowledge on the technical and compositional aspects of photography, and had a fund of personal stories as well. March, 2016

Peter was very committed to getting the most out of the tour and the locations. He worked very hard throughout long days to ensure the trip was a success. February, 2016

I would check a thrilled box if it were available. This tour exceeded my expectations. February, 2016

Many thanks for a fantastic photo tour in Myanmar - I had a great time and it certainly lived up both to the standard you set on my first trip with you to Tuscany and to my own expectations. No matter how good the subject matter - the tour can only be as good as the example set by the leaders and you two were a great inspiration with your ability to see opportunities and to help us all keep going when we are in danger of flagging! February, 2016

The trip went to all the places that regular tours go to AND then some.... and of course, made use of the special light at sunrise and sunset. My non-photographers friends want to go! They couldn't believe we travelled by plane, balloon and boat! February, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the hotels - traveling in a 3rd world country I had not expected the level of the accommodations we were offered. February, 2016

This was my second trip with Clive and Phil - they are extraordinary leaders, both in terms of their talents in seeing images and offering photographic tips, as well as making everyone feel comfortable, at home and part of the group. I can't speak highly enough of them as a team and individually. My goal for the future is to take a trip with them each year, even though I come from 'across the pond' for it! February, 2016

The tutors worked very well together. They had just the right balance between technical advice and advice on composition. They also balanced advice, business and friendliness just right, so that the group worked well. November, 2015

Excellent location, perfect timing for fall colours. Wonderful tutors and a great group of participants to boot. November, 2015

Peter is a gifted tutor and his easy manner belies his great talent and depth of knowledge. He is constantly moving from one photographer to another, whether a beginner or advanced, helping them to obtain the very best from the scene in front of them. He became more than that though - to me, he became a very good friend. November, 2015

Overall enjoyment of the tour 10/10 in terms of places we visited and sights seen. Doug had clearly gone to enormous lengths to find some superb and photogenic venues. Both tutors were energetic and tireless and ferried us all around. I loved this tour. Thank you. November, 2015

Another great Light and Land tour. The Lake District looked amazing with Autumn colour and we got to some great locations to take full advantage led by two highly skilled and very approachable tour leaders - Clive and Phil November, 2015

Thank you both for a fantastic tour. The locations were great, the humour and banter spot on, and the group dynamics worked really well, in no small part due to your abilities to make everyone feel relaxed and included. The constructive criticism, tuition and suggestions were also most appreciated. Have spent most of the afternoon downloading images but will now ignore them for a week or so before starting the editing process. I don't usually do much post-processing but I suspect that a copy of Lightroom will be ordered fairly shortly having heard such good things about it from everyone! Do please take this as permission to circulate my email address; it's always nice to hear how others in the group are getting on especially those who aren't on social media. I'm looking forward to joining you both on another tour at some point, hopefully Venice but if not I'm sure there will be something else. All the best for your trip to Bhutan, really looking forward to seeing the images from that one. October, 2015

Thank you both again for such an inspiring workshop. You provided us with great locations, much needed help and support and lots of fun and laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. This was my first workshop with Light and Land and, based on this tour, will definitely book again. Thanks too for the feedback on my images. It's always very daunting, especially after seeing everyone else's wonderful work, but a very useful part of the workshop. Thanks for the great photos - something to remember this lovely group by. Kind regards October, 2015

Fantastic tour, possibly the best I've been on. The locations were great with choices given at some points for those who didn't want to hike uphill or scramble over rocks. Really enjoyed the two different areas, so much to see and photograph in both. Acadia in the fog nudged it for me but the car graveyard was a close second. Tuition was brilliant, both Clive and Phil made sure that everyone got 1-2-1 time. October, 2015

This was yet again a wonderful tour in every respect led by Clive and Phil! Once again their careful planning, meticulous attention to detail and superb teaching really couldn't have been bettered. They are fantastic tour leaders and complement each other so well! I am very grateful to both of them for making it possible for me to do this tour again, in spite of my disabilities. They both work hard to ensure that I can enjoy the tour as much as others in the group and I really appreciate this - a big thank you to both from me! Adding to what I have already said, I felt the level of tuition and support was excellent. Phil and Clive are always ready to offer help and advice which is directed at the appropriate level for individual participants. July, 2015

The tour was fantastic and the locations were amazing - helped by perfect weather conditions. David and Joe are experts and they were more than willing to help wherever they could. They have very different personalities that work very well together. The tour was superbly guided, was educational and was was a lot of fun. Well done to both of them. The itinery was varied and expertly guided by David's and Joe's experience. As the weather constantly changed they knew were we should be to get the best shots. This involved both David and Joe doing a lot of driving. They really did everything they could to facilitate the group. Everything felt balanced - even though we were busy all the time. I felt that I got the most out of every day. We were there to photograph and I'm glad we spent a lot of time doing just that. June, 2015

f I could rate my 'overall satisfaction' with the tour as 'ecstatic,' I would do so. Clive and Phil are superb tour leaders. They were always available to help us make better images, whether it was with technical tips or compositional suggestions. High organized but without making anyone feel regimented. The opportunity for critiques of our individual work was wonderful. And they are simply wonderful people to spend time with. Five stars!! May, 2015

Both individually and as a team I found Clive and Phil to be remarkable men. They truly put the group's photography before their own. It was like having a private tutor, if you wanted one. They responded to each person's desires and interests on an individual basis. They are patient, kind, and gifted teachers and the communication between them was a joy to be around. They also like to have fun and we laughed a lot. May, 2015

Doug is an excellent teacher who explains things in a logical way that is easy to follow and understand. In the field he is there for support and spends time with each client looking at their images and offering advice. His classroom session was so useful giving us the tools to go away and work on our photographs with confidence. He has since provided a video of his tutorials and will be sending a PDF notes on long exposures. Such a thorough and comprehensive course. Thank you. April, 2015

As leaders go Clive and Phil made this trip one of the best weeks of my life. Their attention to detail is superb and each one offers so much to the well being of the group. Evenings are fun with everyone feeling a part of the group. Phil's technical expertise marries well with Clive's eye for a picture and the two make a formidable team. Well done to Light and Land for another wonderful week of photography and fun March, 2015

Both Justin and Tony provided excellent support. Their energy and enthusiasm were outstanding - especially given their driving load. I learned more during the tour than I had been able to teach myself in 30+years. March, 2015

As leaders go Clive and Phil made this trip one of the best weeks of my life. Their attention to detail is superb and each one offers so much to the well being of the group. Evenings are fun with everyone feeling a part of the group. Phil's technical expertise marries well with Clive's eye for a picture and the two make a formidable team. Well done to Light and Land for another wonderful week of photography and fun’ March, 2015

I have just returned from the Myanmar tour with Clive and Phil. I cannot express how wonderful this trip was - the country and its people was marvellous, photo opportunities everywhere we looked, and the leadership, photography advice and organisation from Clive and Phil was second to none. In addition to all this, it was really great fun! I would fully recommend this tour to anyone contemplating it and would like to congratulate Light and Land for having the foresight to visit places which have only recently opened up and which in a few years time may have changed immeasurably. Dr Kumar Sriskandan March, 2015

This was a wonderful, unique and memorable trip to a beautiful country, filled with photography, fun and laughter and expertly led by Phil and Clive. Our tour guide Shine was also truly exceptional. Phil and Clive are very sensitive to each individual's needs and provide a non-intimidating, nurturing and fun environment where everyone can receive just the level of tuition and attention they are happy and comfortable with. The itinerary allowed us to see as much as possible of this wonderful country and lovely people in the time provided and at the same time not feel rushed. There was enough time at each location and it felt as if we had been away for months, so manifold and varied were the locations and photographic opportunities. March, 2015

All I can say is WOW, I thoroughly enjoyed my second tour, and would definitely recommend Light and Land to others. It is a great opportunity to meet with people who all share the same passion for photography, together with a great deal of expertise on hand through the group leader. I must say, having travelled with several photography companies, Light and Land really get the extras right too. Good hotels, well situated, good places to eat which capture the essence of the place, and excellent transport arrangements between locations. It really does make all the difference. February, 2015

Well what can I say… yet another superb holiday and I enjoyed the whole trip as much as last year. It was an added bonus to visit some different places and I thought our whole group was great fun. Thank you both so very much for helping to make it such a rich experience and for encouraging me to look beyond the obvious photos. I am still sorting hundreds of images but know that some are much better than last year. February, 2015

What can I say, apart from thank you so much for an amazing trip. Before we went I did wonder if perhaps we should have gone on an ordinary Cox and Kings type tour, but if we had we would have missed so much. No way would we have had time to stand and stare whilst watching the sunrise or enjoy the peace of a little visited temple. The experiences you were able to arrange for us were truly unique and provided us all with an extraordinary experience. I know that this doesn't happen by chance; it requires a great deal of work behind the scenes, for which I am very grateful. I also appreciated how generous you both were with your time and willingness to share your photographic skills. All in all a truly memorable trip - I can't quite believe I've been there! Thank you both. With best wishes. February, 2015

One of the best 2 weeks of my life Clive and Phil. Thanks to you both. February, 2015

I have travelled pretty widely, and on several LandL trips, but nothing compares to this one. Myanmar is a magical place, and Phil and Clive truly bring it to life, letting us see the heart of the country and come home with our hearts ringing for the place and our memory cards full. The care they put into their trips pays dividends. This was wonderful from beginning to end, and I can't wait to travel with them again. Can you start something in Latin America, chaps? Seriously, this was the perfect trip. February, 2015

When my friends and colleagues asked me about my trip, I beamed and said "Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!". In such a short space of time, I learned so much about photography, composition, my camera and learning to take my time and slow down. The time you spent with me refining my composition and getting the settings rights on my camera was much appreciated. Thank you so much, Clive, for lending me your tripod whilst mine was out of action - that was so kind of you and ensured I didn't miss out on the photo opportunities. Both of you give so much to the course and it shows in so many ways. Nothing is too much trouble and you are always on hand to help. You make a great team. Now I understand why so many people return on your trips - I will be coming again!! January, 2015

My expectations from the locations we visited, and how much I learnt and developed on the tour, were massively exceeded. I look back at some of the photos, and I still can't quite believe that I was there, and I took those pictures. I've definitely returned from the tour a much better photographer than I was previously. I can't thank Tony and Justin enough for everything they did for me, I can't wait for the next tour! July, 2014

Thank you isn’t a strong enough word for the week in Tuscany. It was way above what I was expecting. I think it was just about the best trip I’ve been on. Good group, great food , and you two as leaders made it just perfect. I’ve had a quick look through my shots are there are some I`m quite chuffed with, You certainly laid on some great photo opportunities for us. It will be fine to pass on my email address. Thanks again for a BRILLIANT week. May, 2014

Thank you both very much for an excellent, memorable and fun week in Tuscany. It may sound over ambitious but I had hoped it would kick start my new journey in photography – and it surely did. You were both so patient and encouraging and I can see by comparing my images from day 2 to day 7 just how much I had learned. So much so that I feel ready to go back and start all over again! And I don’t remember an evening when I have laughed as much as we did last Friday. May, 2014

They were hugely well prepared, very attentive, and were constantly refining their plans to fit the weather, the tides and the availability of locations. But also didn't railroad anyone to do everything and allowed us lots of independence and solitude May, 2014

I cannot recommend Phil and Clive highly enough. I had a fantastic time with them in Cuba in 2012 and this trip was no different. Their enthusiasm is highly infectious, everything is carefully planned, allowing us access to locations you would miss as an ordinary tourist, and they provide as much or as little guidance as requested. They work really well as a double act and I can honestly say I haven't laughed so much in ages, or come back as enthusiastic about photography as I have from these trips. We had pretty awful weather in Venice but that did not matter at all, as Phil and Clive were quick to adapt the itinerary and with their help we gelled as a group and took on the challenge. Can't wait to go on my next PhilandClive trip! May, 2014

I went on the Santorini trip a few months ago and had an incredible time. I can't praise Clive and Phil enough. The effort they made getting us to the best locations at the optimum time. As you know this does not happen by accident it take research and time. I've been with several leaders over the years and they have always been there for help and advice on any aspect of photography. Clive and Phil both took this to a different level they were amazing. They took us out for every dawn and sunset (for those who wanted to) with a few hours down time in the afternoon which for me was perfect. Even in their spare time they were available to help us or they were out checking for the best restaurants to eat at. Even going to a restaurant Clive made entertaining, when Clive took us to a family home and we walked in on them having dinner. I was using a digital camera for the first time and had no idea what all the functions were. They both spent time showing me how to get the best out of the camera. At one location I did not take the photos with the best settings. When Clive realised this the next day in his free time he drove me back there to re-take it. Clive also makes the trip very memorable with his unique sense of humour which kept us all entertained from dawn to dusk. I was absolutely shattered for a few days after getting home and have no idea how Clive and Phil felt after doing all the driving and the responsibility of looking after all of us. They both gave 100% as do all the leaders August, 2013

As leaders go Clive and Phil made this trip one of the best weeks of my life. Their attention to detail is superb and each one offers so much to the well being of the group. Evenings are fun with everyone feeling a part of the group. Phil's technical expertise marries well with Clive's eye for a picture and the two make a formidable team. Well done to Light and Land for another wonderful week of photography and fun. October, 2012

The tour was outstanding - knowledge freely given, patience and determination to ensure that we were able to get as much photography in as possible to provide us with the very best value. January, 2012

Meeting you and Light and Land has been one of the most life-enhancing experiences I have encountered... I can’t thank you enough January, 2012

These holidays are proving to be magical and inspirational experiences for me - to which I have become totally addicted....! November, 2011

Light and Land

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