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Anyone recognise these two…!!

Posted on 14th August 2014 - 0 Comments

Anyone recognise these two chaps...?!!! #ablastfromthepast

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Digital Imaging Workshop

12th Sep - 14th Sep 2014 - £395

Why? why? why?……how? how? how? Are you becoming exasperated by not fully grasping what so many photographers seem to understand but you don’t?! Why doesn’t my print look like how it appeared on my Monitor? I am going crazy! What does ‘getting a profile for my paper mean’? I don’t get it! What does all this monitor calibration mean? Is a ‘rip’, a tear in my jeans? How do I do this…….how do I do that? If post processing and printing seems like a minefield and you are in ‘denial’, then join this ‘demystifying’ workshop....

Tutored by - Adrian Beasley,

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