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COVID-19 Notice

Travel with Confidence

A Safe Return to Tours and Workshops after COVID19

Vaccine Policy

Light & Land wants to provide the safest possible holiday experience for our clients. Vaccination is now available to us all. We have, therefore, made the decision to require that all our clients are fully vaccinated before travelling with us. This means that you must have received your second dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, which has been approved for use in the UK, at least 14 days before the tour or workshop commences. This is now a condition of booking with us.

We will require proof of your vaccination. This data will be kept securely, and solely for the purpose of ensuring that our groups can travel with confidence. The data will be deleted after the workshop or tour has been completed. You can provide proof via the NHS App or with a written copy you can request from the NHS, as well as proof issued by your local health service (if you are not resident in the UK). The proof needs to contain your name, DOB, a 2-D barcode, the date of your vaccinations and which vaccine you received.

If you cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, you will of course be able to travel with us, but we require written proof of such exemption issued by a medical practitioner. Please note that some countries require vaccination as a condition before entering, so you may not be able to travel to those countries if you do not meet their entry requirements. 

We also ask all our customers to perform a lateral flow test before attending a workshop or commencing travel to a tour with us. If the result is positive, please do not attend, and follow all procedures required by the UK or your local authorities. 

If you are booked on one of our tours or workshops and are not vaccinated, please call us to discuss your options. 

Light & Land tutors are fully vaccinated unless they are medically exempt.

Good Practice Guidance (added Jan 2022)

This document describes the approach that Light and Land Ltd will be implementing to minimize exposure of both clients and staff to Covid-19.

The items listed here are intended to supplement any local or national advice provided by the authorities in each country visited and represent ‘Good Practice Guidance’ as opposed to enforced governmental regulations.

It can be taken as read that Light and Land staff will be familiar with their legal responsibilities in every environment where they propose to supervise a group of clients.

These items will assist in minimising any risk of Covid19 transmission to customers and staff and ensure that both have confidence that their tours and workshops can be completed safely.

Client responsibilities:

  • Clients MUST monitor their well-being in the weeks leading up to the tour. It is the responsibility of each client to withdraw from the tour is they are feeling unwell or are experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid-19. Clients must also withdraw from the tour if they live with someone who is experiencing Covid19 symptoms. It should be clear that the consequences of arriving on a tour or workshop with an active infection could be catastrophic and must be avoided at all costs. If you have ANY concerns about your personal health prior to a tour or workshop, please telephone the Light and Land office immediately.
  • It is each clients’ responsibility to follow the guidelines that are in place at the time of the tour or workshops. Each Light & Land leader will be able to confirm what these are as the tour or workshop commences.
  • Clients are encouraged to bring a personal supply of hand sanitizer and use this regularly throughout the tour.
  • Clients must bring an adequate supply of facemasks and wear these inside the vehicles at all times. They should also be prepared to wear their facemasks if instructed to do so by the tour leader (for example, facemasks may be a local requirement at particular locations).
  • Where transport is provided, clients are to use the same seat in the vehicles throughout the tour. Clients are responsible for keeping their own seat/area of the vehicle clean.
  • During the tour or workshop, clients are responsible for identifying their own symptoms and letting the tour leader know immediately should they begin feeling unwell or experiencing symptoms consistent with Covid19.

Light and Land responsibilities:

  • Light & Land will ensure that an accommodation or restaurant facilities used during a tour or workshop have an adequate Covid19 policy in place.
  • Tour leaders will be aware of options regarding the use of toilet facilities and provide information when needed.
  • Tour leaders will ensure the cleanliness of any high contact areas (touch points) within vehicles, such as seat belts, handrails, air control systems, seat back trays etc. Tour leaders will clean the main areas of the vehicles and each client is responsible for wiping down their own areas as necessary.
  • Light & Land will ensure that Tour Leaders make the appropriate use of PPE: Masks and hand sanitizing.
  • Each tour leader will be responsible for complying with the full risk assessment relevant to the tour, which will be supplied to them before the tour begins.
  • All staff to understand the risk level, danger of non-compliance and also any change in governmental advice or procedures.

Procedures to follow if someone is suspected of having Covid19 during a tour.

  • Clients must accept that a tour or workshop may need to be to be temporarily paused whilst the tour leader deals with the person suspected of having Covid19.
  • Tour leaders will maintain a comprehensive list of client contact details.
  • Tour leaders will provide client details to any establishments (e.g. restaurants / cafes) visited during a tour or workshop in order to comply with local Covid19 guidelines.
  • The tour leader has a responsibility to all group members and as such has the authority to insist that anyone displaying symptoms consistent with Covid19 must remove themselves from the group.

Tour leaders will be aware of local testing facilities and be ready to pursue a test for anyone suspected of having Covid19

We're Doing Our RESEARCH

The guidance for travelling and gathering in groups is changing rapidly but you can rest assured that we're on top of the updates. We are advised by VisitEngland and many other organisations being given legislation directly from the Government and will always put your safety first.


We are checking on a daily basis that we are following the rules and regulations to keep you and our leaders safe. But we are also prepared and ready to jump into action to make fast decisions and action any guidance that affects you, our valued Light and Land family. You can keep up to date with our booking terms here.

Our plan for your TRAVEL

All holidays and Day Trips within the United Kingdom will proceed as planned, adhering to Government rules and guidance at all times. 

For international tours, we will be following all the relevant rules in the different locations and countries that we visit. In the event that local rules require that people need proof of vaccination to legally visit, we will contact you shortly before the trip to obtain confirmation that you are indeed protected. Obviously we couldn’t take anyone to a location in the knowledge that they would not comply with local regulations.


We're not going to pretend it has been easy - it hasn't for anybody - but your continued, indomitable support has genuinely kept us optimistic for the future. Thank you sincerely. 

Adventure awaits you... we hope to see you soon!


Here at Light and Land, we pride ourselves on delivering tours to exceptional places with exceptional photography tutors, and when the world opens up again, we will be excited to get out and about with our cameras once more. When you feel ready to travel again, we are here to support you and want you to book with confidence. You can rest assured that your safety will always be our top priority.

New Flexible Booking Conditions

  • Refund Guarantee – We will refund you in full if we have to cancel a tour or workshop for any reason.
  • Complete Financial Protection – Your money is safe with us. Light and Land is bonded with ABTOT (Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust Limited) so your tour or workshop is protected.

Our Safety Charter

You can rest assured that Light & Land will monitor the very latest Government guidelines and will be sure to comply with these at all times.

We will also expect this from the establishments we visit and will be confirming in advance that hotels, restaurants and any other venues we intend to visit are Covid-19 safe.

Our tour leaders will be fully briefed in all Covid-19 requirements and their primary objective will be to keep you safe. We would ask you to please follow any instructions your leaders might give you.

Best Practices for joining a L&L Tour/Workshop

We ask you to please monitor your well-being in the days leading up to the trip, including measuring temperature and being aware of any Covid-19 symptoms.

We truly believe that with your help we will be able to run our tours and workshops in an entirely safe and secure manner. We hope our "Travel with Confidence" policy reassures you, but should you have any questions regarding the details, please contact us for further information. The circumstances of specific tours and workshops will vary, so please keep an eye out in the lead up to your travel dates for some additional guidance from us specific to your chosen destination.

We hope you are happy to be joining us again – we certainly are! Cameras at the ready!

COVID-19 Notice
COVID-19 Notice
Light and Land

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