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12 incredible photos of Albania

15th June 2018

Albania is a country rich with photographic possibilities, from still lakes and rugged mountains to fascinating Communist history and rural communities.

Below are 18 fantastic photos taken by Light & Land clients on an Albania workshop, guided by Paul Sanders and Graeme Green, earlier this year... 

Water slide on Lake Ohrid (David Hecker)


Children at gypsy camp in Vrion (Judith Duddle)


Old bunker from the Communist era (Mike Wakefield)


Hilltop churches at Dhermi (Sarah Megson)


Passenger on Lake Komani ferry (Krys Wakefield)


Dawn over Gjirokaster and thr surrounding mountains (David Hecker)


Sunrise on Lake Ohrid (John Cross)


Cafe owner serving drinks in Gjirokaster (Judith Duddle)


Light through the doorway of an abandoned house (Kyrs Wakefield)


Boat resting on the shores of Lake Ohrid (John Cross)


Sotir Nauni, retired headteacher, in the village of Benje (Sarah Megson)


Man crossing through light, walking through Kruje bazaar (Mike Wakefield)



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