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Flavio Bosi

Flavio Bosi is a street photographer based in Berkshire.

Since picking up a camera in 2008 and experimenting with every genre, he found himself drawn to pointing his camera towards people and their activities. He never intentionally decided to shoot street photography, it was a natural development of his way of seeing. Always having a creative side in his life, from drawing in his teens to over a decade of gigging as a musician, photography has taken over his life and is his greatest passion. His work has been exhibited at the London Design Festival and published in Amateur Photographer Magazine.

Flavio has a profound interest in people and their behaviour, traditions, habits and idiosyncrasies, always observing life as it’s happening around him and always carrying a camera to capture the most interesting moments. He finds people the most engaging subject, always surprising you with the unexpected and their unique personalities.

Flavio has been running street photography workshops in London and abroad over the last few years and has given talks to photography clubs. He really enjoys the interaction with fellow photographers, helping them to improve their skills and eye for a good image. He is dedicated to transmitting his knowledge and passion to his students. After teaming up with Mark Seymour, a fellow Light & Land tutor, Mark and Flavio have recently launched their Shoot the Street Youtube show, talking about street, travel and people photography.

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