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Mark McColl

Mark is based in Ayrshire on the West coast of Scotland and balances his love of photography with working as a medical doctor in the NHS. Mark became interested in photography when he bought an old Zenith SLR back in the early 1980’s. “It weighed a ton and was completely manual” he says. “But despite the fact that modern DSLRs are so advanced, I still work most of my camera settings manually, so things haven’t changed so much!”

Over the past 10 years he has won awards in international photography salons / exhibitions, as well as having images that have been successful in major competitions such as the UK Landscape photographer of the year, the Scottish LPOTY (highly commended portfolio 2015) and Outdoor photographer of the year. Mark has also had images published in a variety of photography magazines as well as in the national press. Mark regularly gives talks to local camera clubs throughout Scotland, sharing his passion and enthusiasm for all things photographic. Mark’s extensive work for the NHS over the past 25+ years have equipped him with excellent communication and organisational skills. A particular interest of his is education and training, and this passion for teaching blends well with his love and passion for landscape photography.

Mark has travelled to many parts of the world, having toured Iceland and arctic Norway on a number of occasions, as well as to other countries such as Morocco, Cuba, and various parts of Europe. He still relies on local scenes for his day to day photography, however, capturing this in changing light and at different times of the year, as well as at night and occasionally when the aurora borealis appears on his doorstep! Mark enjoys working in both colour and monochrome, the latter particularly when applied to long exposure architectural subjects. Mark knows post-processing techniques well and is only too happy to share these with others. Mark also makes his own prints and has had a variety of exhibitions over the years.

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