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Sue Bishop

Sue Bishop specialises in flower and landscape photography. Her aim is to create an image that goes beyond a simple record of its subject and becomes art, and her compositions are a celebration of colour, light and shape.  Her distinctive images are impressionistic and ethereal, with a simplicity of composition, evoking her love of the natural world.

Sue has exhibited her work many times in venues including the Mall Galleries and the Oxo Gallery, London, and in 2004 she held a six week solo exhibition at the Royal Horticultural Society’s Lindley Library in London SW1.  As well as selling prints of her images, she has contributed photographs and articles to photographic magazines and has sold work for use in travel brochures, calendars and books. 

Flower photography is a particular passion, and Sue has written two books on the subject, "Photographing Flowers”, and "Digital Flower Photography". Her most recent book, "Color, Light & Composition", covers general principles of photography and is illustrated with both landscape and flower images.

Sue is an inspirational lecturer and experienced workshop leader. In 1994 she and Charlie Waite founded Light & Land.

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