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Bring Your Partner

Is your partner tired of waiting around at home while you jet off on your photography holidays?

Is your holiday time limited, would you like to share it with your partner?

We understand that people have different interests and that your love of photography may not be reciprocated by your partner. Maybe their interests are around food, art, wine or painting? Or it could be shopping or galleries.

Whatever your differences, it doesn’t mean that you should be forced to holiday separately.

At Light and Land, we welcome partners to most of the destinations we travel to. Depending on the nature of the tour, we can design an itinerary to keep your partner entertained allowing you to focus completely on photography. You can share the cost of the accommodation, spend your days separately, meeting up with your partner and the rest of the group in the evening for mealtimes and socialising.

Please contact the office on to discuss this further and keep your home life happy!

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