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Hidden Dorset and Wiltshire Photography Tour

17th - 20th Jul, 2022 - 3 PLACES REMAINING

Tutored by Charlie Waite and

£1999.00 pp / Deposit -£1,999.00

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Our Dorset and Wiltshire photography tour will take place with Charlie Waite in July. Charlie has lived in Dorset for 30 years and has become very fond of this glorious county. At the top end, where you will be based, you'll be sandwiched between Somerset and Wiltshire. During our photography tour, you will pop into Wiltshire to photograph several of Charlie's most favourite landscape settings in the UK.

This tour is limited to 6 participants so each person will benefit from much one to one time with Charlie.

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Hidden Dorset and Wiltshire Photography Tour Hidden Dorset and Wiltshire Photography Tour

At a Glance

  • Tutored By
  • Exertion
  • Included
    • Accommodation on single occupancy basis, double available on request
    • Breakfast
    • Transport during the tour
    • Tuition from Charlie Waite
  • Excluded
    • Travel to and from the venue
    • Meals not mentioned
    • Insurance
  • Duration 3 Night Tours
  • Tour Code DST32
Hidden Dorset and Wiltshire Photography Tour

Dorset and Wiltshire Photography Tour - Charlie Waite Landscape Photography

Charlie Waite has lived in Dorset for 30 years and has become very fond of this glorious county. At the top end, where you'll be based, you'll be sandwiched between Somerset and Wiltshire. During the tour, you'll pop into Wiltshire to photograph several of Charlie's most favourite landscape settings in the UK. 

Your time together will focus on the landscape in and around North Dorset and, in some cases, you will find yourselves photographing a landscape that has no particular claim to fame but is just, in Charlie's view, worthy of a visit.

On this occasion, the tour will be spent photographing inland. Up to the central and northern part of the county can be found some gems: Win Green in Wiltshire, Moor Crichel, the delightful Mere Downs will be just a few of the spots in mind to be visited. 

However, landscape photography does not go hand in hand with haste, so when you do find yourselves in a particular location where the lighting conditions are favourable, you will take full advantage and linger a while.

When on location, Charlie will, as always, be on hand to assist and guide each member of the group, regardless of whether they are just at the start of learning about their photography or whether they are at an advanced level. If rain momentarily stops play, your time will not be wasted as we will be inviting participants to bring a selection of images with them for discussion and constructive critique. 

Charlie will meet the group at 6pm at the Grosvenor Arms on 17 July for a welcome talk over dinner.  The tour will finish at 4pm on 20 July.

This tour is limited to 6 participants so each person will benefit from much one to one time with Charlie.

  • The Grosvenor Arms

    3 nights accommodation on single occupancy basis, double available on request

    Breakfasts included 


Independent Feedback based on 24 verified reviews

17th Sep, 2021

Loved the locations and the interaction with fellow participants. Charlie was, as always, helpful and informative and very patient.

Mrs Sue Bishop - 13th Aug, 2021

This was an excellent workshop, Charlie took us to some classic Dorset locations, and being a small group meant that we were all able to get our images without getting in each others way. I found fresh ideas for presentation of images from the other participants as well as benefitting from Charlie's experience of landscape photography.

Mr Paul Barrow - 11th Aug, 2021

The trip was fantastic and Charlie was very enthusiastic and conveyed his thoughts very clearly on what we were seeing before us. He encouraged us to look carefully at the scene we were taking and to carefully consider that all elements in the frame contributed to the overall composition. Though I moved to west Dorset 4 years ago this was the first time I visited this area in depth. Some new locations are now on my list to visit again and again. Thanks Charlie and the rest of the L&L team

Mrs Helen Pothecary - 10th Nov, 2020

Inspirational! it lights a fire within to keep going, to absorb, to observe your surroundings even more. I actually went back to a location the next day because the light was different, thankfully I don't live very far away! It's a shame Charlie doesn't come pocket-size as he would get prime position in my rucksack!

Mrs Lorraine Clifton - 6th Nov, 2020

Very enjoyable day with a good variety of scenes to try out different approaches. Sam gave us a really good balance of space and assistance

Mr Philip Davis - 4th Nov, 2020

Charlie was his usual helpful & inspiring self and was thoughtful at adjusting to the very changeable weather.

Mr Robert Silbermann - 3rd Nov, 2020

Charlie led the small group brilliantly and took us to some wonderful locations--certainly those I would never have found. As ever, he was patient and enthusiastic and imparted his knowledge so generously. Did I do justice to the wonderful natural spaces? All despite pretty awful weather..but 2 magical rainbows.

Ms Shay Parsons - 3rd Nov, 2020

A glorious day with Charlie Waite and Light and Land. Charlie showed us some stunning locations and guided us gently to taking our best shots. Really great day.

Mr Howard Smith - 3rd Nov, 2020

Excellent day out with Charlie and a really nice bunch of people. Wonderful light and super conditions for photography. Thoroughly enjoyable and thought provoking. Charlie was so generous with his encouragement, insights, advice and photographic wisdom.

Mr Howard Klein - 3rd Nov, 2020

A good day with Charlie Waite - encouraging, giving ideas, checking we're OK and, importantly, he has intimate knowledge of the area (living nearby) so chose for the conditions. Fast moving clouds with sunny breaks and the odd shower made it a perfect day for photography - or even "just being there".

Dr Christopher McIntosh - 23rd Oct, 2020

A well planned day at a variety of locations and excellent support and advice from the workshop leader, Sam Gregory.

David - 13th Oct, 2019

good day shame about weather

Andrew - 7th Oct, 2019

This one day Dorset workshop was a very enjoyable experience, the venue for the meet and greet and end of day get together was comfortable, accommodating and very easy to find. Both Charlie and Sam were engaging, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable instructors. The location choices were varied and challenging enough to push you photographically. All in all an extremely well thought one day workshop.

Matt - 7th Oct, 2019

This is my 2nd Light & Land workshop but the 1st that centres on being out with a camera (whereas the other was about exhibiting and selling). Both Charlie Waite and Sam Gregory made for excellent workshop leaders; both highly knowledgeable and experienced in the art & craft of landscape photography. It also helps that I very much enjoy and admire both of their photography, and their friendly and enjoyable to be around too! The day was well organised with plans to cover all weather conditions!

Stephen - 5th Oct, 2019

Knowledge and inspiration.

John - 5th Oct, 2019

Fantastic day ,Charlie and Sam very helpful, excellent tuition, great location many thanks

Charlotte - 27th Aug, 2019

Great day out with Charlie and Sam. Both were really helpful, gave lots of suggestions and chose some great locations to photograph

James - 25th Aug, 2019

The same as above (just the one workshop / tour)

Christopher - 17th Aug, 2019

I enjoyed the two adjacent day workshops - an introduction to landscape photography, which was great.

Rob - 17th Aug, 2019

Showed us how to respond more deeply to landscape and be prepared to look ... think ... possibly take/make a photograph.

John Hambleton - 5th Mar, 2022

It was a fantastic experience Charlie took us too some of his favourite places ,we experienced making large prints of the photographs we had taken which is a first for the whole group.The Hotel was excellent I can’t remember being looked after so well.We had a trip to Salisbury cathedral due to bad weather it is a amazing. Place well recommended.

Jane O'Connor - 4th Mar, 2022

The tour was all I was hoping for and more. Charlie was exceptionally generous with his advice and guidance as well as being a kind and interested tutor. I was initially anxious that I would not have the skills and experience I believed would be needed for a course like this, but was happy to be proved wrong. A great experience in a small supportive group, and I believe I have learnt a lot.

John Harper - 4th Mar, 2022

Despite two days of poor weather, Charlie was able to keep us amused and interested. He is able to find excellent images from sometimes simple first viewings. Understanding what are the components of a well balanced and appealing image and communicating these across to us is a great skill. He is also happy to listen to the views of others, and we had some good discussions. Time spent on printing one of our images was great fun, and instructive. The hotel, and its location, were outstanding. All

Richard Davies - 17th Mar, 2022

Charlie was very generous with his time and experience and despite some bad weather made this trip well worthwhile. It was interesting visiting locations that at first glance seemed to have little to offer but then came alive with his insight. The highlight was visiting Charlie's studio and printing out a large panorama taken earlier that day. Being in a small group worked well and I am sure we all enjoyed the experience and learnt much from Charlie and each other. Recommended.

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