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Exhibition Terms and Conditions


In these Terms & Conditions the term “Exhibitor” means any person, firm or company who has made application for & who has been granted space in the Exhibition. The term ‘Exhibition’ means the event detailed on the booking form/website. The term “Organisers” means Light and Land Ltd or its lawful assigns.

Upon booking and payment for an exhibition space, there shall be a contract between the Organiser and Exhibitor subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Applications for Space

All applications for our Exhibition to be made via and full payment is required to secure a space. Your booking will be confirmed via email on receipt of your payment. A cooling off period of 14 days is provided to all booking, after which payments are non-refundable in the event of your cancellation.

Every effort shall be made to allocate to the exhibitor the space that has been ordered. However, to facilitate an effective layout of the exhibition, and if the organiser believes it to be in the best interest of the exhibition, the organiser has the right to make a space reallocation at any time with written notice to the Exhibitor. Should the re-allocated space be that of a lesser amount in price, a refund of the difference will be payable by the Organiser to the Exhibitor.

Promotion & Representations

Whilst the Organisers shall use their reasonable endeavours to organise & promote the Exhibition in such manner as they consider appropriate, the Organisers reserve the right to amend or vary the manner or methods of such organisation & promotion & therefore any statements made by or on behalf of the Organisers as to audience projections or methods or timing of promotion shall constitute only general indications of the Organisers’ promotion & organising strategy & shall not amount to any representation or warranty.

The exhibitor acknowledges that the organiser shall not be held responsible for the failure of all or any other contracted exhibitors to attend the exhibition or the failure of any number of attendees to attend the exhibition for any reason beyond the reasonable control of the organiser. 

By placing an order for the exhibition, you consent to Light & Land processing any personal data for the purpose of administration or marketing of the exhibition.

Postponement, Cancellation or Abandonment

In the event that the exhibition (or part thereof) is cancelled by the organiser for any reasonable reasons, then all payments made by the exhibitor to the organiser will be refunded, but the exhibitor hereby agrees that in such circumstances he will have no further claim (whether for damages or otherwise) against the organiser. 


The exhibitor shall be liable for and fully indemnify the organiser against any loss suffered by or damage caused to the premises, its furniture, fixtures and equipment or reputation which may arise as a result of the exhibitor or from items brought onto the premises by the exhibitor, their guests, staff, contractors, agents or otherwise. 


The Exhibitor acknowledges that the Exhibition is intended to be of a high standard in all respects and for the Organiser’s own benefit and that of the other exhibitors and all visitors to the Exhibition, the conduct of the Exhibitor and the content of its exhibits shall accord at all times with these high standards.

The Exhibitor shall at any time prior to the Exhibition and at the request of the Organiser provide the Organiser promptly with such details as the Organiser may reasonably require in relation to the exhibits for marketing and promotional material.

Dismantling of Exhibits

No exhibit shall be removed prior to the closing of the Exhibition without written permission from the Organiser. If the Exhibitor acts in breach of this provision he shall pay, as compensation for the detraction to the Exhibition’s appearance & in addition to all sums otherwise due under this agreement, an amount equal to one third of the total display charge for the Exhibitor’s allocated area.

The Exhibitor will be liable for all storage & handling charges resulting from failure to remove all exhibits & display materials from the allocated area before 1pm on the 8th September 2024.

The Exhibitor must leave all occupied space in its original condition & shall make good & indemnify the Organiser for any damage to the premises by the Exhibitor, his agents, contractors or employees.

Health & Safety

Exhibitors must act in accordance with relevant legislation on Health &Safety and manage risk appropriately. For the avoidance of doubt the law applicable to this contract will be the law of England & Wales.

For the avoidance of doubt all exhibitors are subject to the host venue’s T’s & C’s.

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