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A day with Charlie Waite on his Hidden Dorset workshop

8th April 2019


Lorraine Finney recently joined Charlie for a Light and Land one day photograhy workshop in Dorset.  Here she shares her thoughts on her day in a beautiful part of the country and how she came to take a stunning portrait of Charlie.

“I had such a relaxed and inspiring day with Charlie Waite on the Hidden Dorset Photograhy Workshop. It was a challenging day as the light was very flat and grey. This did not deter me as the landscape had to speak louder to catch my attention.

Our first destination was a small woods in North Dorset. As I headed through the brambles and cluttered forest floor my eye was drawn to a beautiful copper beech tree. Small but perfectly formed the leaves were shimmering in the light above a soft palette of colours in the undergrowth.

We then moved onto Sturminster Newton Mill.  I walked across the bridge to the field opposite where I could gaze upon this historic building. I framed my composition with the golden weeping willow on the right and the reflections in the water, so I decided to take a long exposure shot to add softness to the scene.

While walking back across the bridge a small cluster of reeds were bobbing up and down creating patterns and movement in the water. I was again captivated by this simple act of nature. The reflections of the willow and fence completed my story.

Moving on to Fiddleford Manor  I wandered inside where the light was shining in through a small window. A stool had been left against the wall so I cheekily asked if Charlie would have his portrait taken. He gladly obliged. He was very pensive and in my eyes Light and Land became one.  I came away from my day feeling relaxed and blessed by a truly inspirational teacher”.

If you would like to join Charlie for his next Hidden Dorset workshop please click here.

*All images taken by Lorraine Finney.

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