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Buscot Park on a beautiful Summer’s day…

24th August 2016

This was our first workshop at Buscot Park in Oxfordshire and it will certainly not be the last...

The feedback from Charlie Waite and the attendees of the workshop was "such a stunning venue, a lovely and ever-so helpful team welcomed us and could not do more throughout the day." 

We caught up with one photographer for the day to hear his thoughts...

Have you been on a Light & Land workshop before?

Yes I have travelled with L&L before. Charlie at Stourhead & Doug & Valda in London’s South Bank

What level would you say you were as a photographer?

I would describe myself as a competent (technically) amateur 

What particularly led you towards choosing a Light & Land tour?

I wanted to come on the Buscot visit as it was being lead by Charlie, was close to home and a location I hadn’t previously visited.

Which were your favourite features of Buscot Park?

I loved the Peto water gardens, and the long avenues.

Are there any funny stories or thing that happened you would like to share?

I haven’t any funny stories to offer I’m afraid though I enjoyed the day! There were surprises such as the Terracotta Warriors standing incongruously in the grounds of a English Stately Home. The “Hockneyist” almost surreal blue swimming pool. 

One last question, if a friend or colleague asked you whether they should consider a Light & Land tour, what would you say to them?

I have, in fact, already recommended Light & Land to a number of fellow amateur photographers and at least 2 of them have taken up this recommendation.


Many thanks to Light and Lander Bob Hollington for his kind words and fabulous photos. 

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