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Creative Choices - Live Editing Session

27th January 2021

We welcomed 3 of our leaders for the first 'Creative Choices' live photo editing session of 2021. These livestreams are geared to help fire your creativity and show you the broad approaches that can be taken to maximising your image files. Big thanks to Adrian Beasley, Verity Milligan and Sam Gregory for sharing their different visions with us of various scenes including Autumnal Woodland, Seascapes, Portraits and more. Plus a big thanks to YOU for uploading your raw files, we've got plenty to fulfil another few sessions. So, there will be another 'Creative Choices' session on Tuesday Feb 23rd (8pm) via Facebook and YouTube as usual.

NEED EDITING HELP?: We run a series of online courses with Adrian Beasley to help either with the "how" or the "why" of photo editing. These are all run via Zoom and you can take part from the comfort of your own home and polish up your editing skills.

UP NEXT: In next weeks livestream (Tuesday Feb 2nd) we will talking to Astrid McGechan about the amazing city of Valencia in Spain. Astrid is running a tour to Valencia in March 2022 (next year!) and she will discuss the character of the city and approaching both the old and new architecture.

Join us live to ask questions and comment via Facebook or YouTube.

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