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Creative Interpretations Livestream - Image Editing

2nd December 2020

In this weeks Livestream Adrian Beasley & Sam Gregory were editing your pictures! Throughout the course of the evening Adrian & Sam were taking various images in different directions to stimulate your creative though processes when editing. They covered everything from snowy mountain scenes, autumnal woodland, architecture and more. We hope you find these sessions informative and inspirational. 

NEXT WEEK: Sam will be back with another of his 'Pixel to Print' sessions where he walks you through the creative, editing, and printing processes from the point of capture to the final end product of a print of this inner landscape scene from New Zealand. In particular Sam will be discussing how to choose between various similar images of a scene and why. As ever, the session will end with a live print of the image and your chance to win it! Check out the direct links below to watch live:



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