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Discovering Exmoor Livestream - with Peter Hendrie

9th March 2021

Many thanks to Peter Hendrie for joining us on the livestream this week and showcasing his local area with us. We walked through a number of images from Exmoor across the course of a calendar year. From the crisp light of January and February, through the greens of Summer, the Autumnal colours and the bite of the next Winter. Thanks to everyone who joined us live on the evening, if you weren't able to join us you can view the livestream via the video above.


We'll be back in two weeks time on Tuesday 23rd March for another of our 'Creative Choices - Live Editing' sessions with Sam, Adrian and Verity.

As usual we're asking you to send us your raw files for the team to edit live during the stream. You can upload upto 5 images (raw files only please), just simply drag and drop them into the Dropbox folder below and name your files in the 'firstname_initial.file' format (i.e sam_g.file).


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