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We catch up with Justin Reznick as he reflects on his life in photography over the last year

29th January 2019

Justin Reznick talks to us this week about his photographic life over the last year

Which image would you highlight from 2018?

“The Moeraki Boulders in New Zealand are incredible. With this image, I needed the perfect tide to allow the foreground rock to have a pool surrounding it with a receding wave connecting the distant rocks. Everything lined up perfectly and helped me create my favourite image of 2018”.


Any words of wisdom that you came across in  2018 that you’d like to share?

“Shoot the subjects that make you happy, ignore the noise on the internet.


Is there an interesting book (or exhibition or piece of music etc) you’ve read (seen, listened to etc.) in 2018 that you’d like to share?

Atomic Habits by James Clear. You can use the tools to improve your photography or any aspect of your life you choose to”.

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Published by: Random House Business

ISBN: 9781847941831

RRP: £14.99


Is there a photographer whose work you’ve come across in 2018 that has really inspired or impressed you?

“No. I’m experimenting with not looking at any external influences and seeing how my photography evolves”.


What food do you take on a shoot?

“I aim to eat extremely healthy. I eat nuts, fruit and meat on a shoot… no sugar or grains.


If you could have any photographer(s) (dead or alive) over for dinner who would they be... and why?

“Nobody currently… again, trying to look inward for my photography”.


Who has been a photographic influence on you?

“My wife. She grounds me and inspires me to be the best I can be every day”.


What's your favourite place on Earth to take photographs?

“My favourite place on Earth to take photographs is the Palouse in Eastern Washington. It’s as if nature and man came together to create the perfect landscape for photographers”.


How do relax after a long day shooting?

“I grew up loving cinema and majored in cinema studies at university. Most of the talent these days has moved from film to television. I try and watch an episode each night. It helps me relax and I enjoy the opportunity to escape into a creator’s world”.


What's the most exciting bit of photo tech news from 2018?

“With Nikon, Canon and Panasonic all announcing full-frame mirrorless cameras, they have essentially admitted that Sony has taken over the industry. Competition is healthy and needed and I hope these companies push Sony to continue to innovate”.


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