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Landscape Photography with a Mobile Phone

10th February 2021

We had great fun on the livestream last night with Adrian Beasley, Paul Sanders & Sam Gregory discussing using your mobile phone for photography. We covered some of the tech questions about how phones can now create amazing images including long exposures, black & white, multiple exposures and shooting in RAW mode. So, put some time aside to enjoy the session above and get re-inspired to take your mobile phone photography to the next level.


We'll be back in 2 weeks on Feb 23rd at 8pm (UK) for another of our 'Creative Interpretations' live editing sessions. The team of Adrian Beasley, Verity Milligan and Sam Gregory will be be processing your RAW images and discussing creative ways of seeing. It's always fascinating to see how our different leaders interpret and re-imagine your images so don't miss this session for your next does of inspiration.


It's very simple to upload your images for the live editing session. Just drag and drop them to this Dropbox folder - you do not need a Dropbox account and it just takes a few seconds to complete. Please name your file 'forename_initial' (i.e. Sam_G.CR2). Please also remember it is RAW files we need from your original image, not jpegs please.

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