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Morocco, a feast for the senses

25th April 2018

Anyone who has visited the vibrant country of Morocco will immediately think of colours and warmth. The colourful buildings, scenery, food and spices are a feast for the senses.

The spring climate makes this a great time of year to enjoy Morocco without the battle of summer heat! Our ten day tour which took place earlier this month took our group from the mountains to desert and then the coast. 

Julia Moffett's images taken on the tour show the vast and changing landscape across this beautiful country. 

My Camel by Julia Moffett - Isn't she beautiful! 

The Great Sand Sea by Julia Moffett - Camels create scale in this incredible landscape.

Sunrise Dunes with Crescent Moon by Julia Moffett - Just before the sun clipped the horizon. Complete calm. 

Sunlight on the Casbah by Julia Moffett - Early morning light on a beautiful Casbah south of the Atlas Mountains.

“Ruined” Casbah by Julia Moffett - The surprise rooms in a outwardly ruined casbah in the Atlas Mountains.

White Lady in the Medina by Julia Moffett - One of the many alleyways in the Medina of Essaouira.


The Souk by Julia Moffett - The busy souk in Marrakech.

Atlas Wildflowers by Julia Moffett - Morocco... such a varied landscape this area reminded me of Tuscany!

Light and Land

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