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Phil Malpas reaches 100 tours!

2nd June 2017

Our Santorini tour which kicks off on Monday 5th June 2017 is a very special one in many ways!

For our guests it may be special for varying reasons - perhaps it's somewhere they have wanted to go for some time, a treat for a special occasion or their first photography tour location. However for our loyal leader Phil Malpas, it's very special as this will be his 100th tour as a Light and Land leader!

It all started in Tuscany...

Twenty something years ago, Phil attended a Light and Land tour of Tuscany as a guest, led by our founder Charlie Waite. Phil later went on to join Charlie as co-leader and now leads this ever popular tour with his co-leader and good friend Clive Minnitt, who has this to say of Phil and his achievement; 

"Huge congratulations to Phil for leading his 100th Light & Land tour - a genuinely impressive milestone, fantastic achievement and inspirational to many others photographers. Phil is one of a rare breed; able to pass on his considerable photographic knowledge and skills to photographers of all levels and in such a way that the listener always craves for more. It's been a privilege for me to share so many fabulous photographic adventures with Phil and to witness the professional and enthusiastic approach to a subject about which he is so passionate.

Many, many thanks Phil for your great camaraderie and continual help. Here's to many more tours!"

                                                    Here are our very own 'Morecombe and Wise' !

We asked a couple of regular Light and Landers to say a few words about our fabulous Phil. Here's what they had to say ...

"I have not been a guest on all 100 but have joined Phil, mainly with Clive, on one or two trips. Phil is a teacher and a gentleman… he has quietly helped me on a trek from complete photographic dufus to being inordinately proud of some of my work. I have been guided by Phil through the Lightroom minefield and emerged relatively unscathed. I have gone from scrabbling about with a torch and handbook to being able to get the best out of my camera by feel in the dark.

 He is brilliant at being “Wise” to Clive’s “Morecombe” and has been known to tell a joke ….but don’t give up the day job love! Phil is incredibly diplomatic and positive with all guests. A lesser person (me) would probably have broken legs… He was once quiet and a bit grumpy, but heck we all were, having been squished into a bus seat made for a toddler driving for 12 hours around what appeared to be a working quarry. Phil then turned it into a positive with the “Party Animal” video. I have had the privilege of visiting some amazing places. The experience and memories of those places have been made extraordinary under the guidance and in the company of Phil Malpas."

Julia Moffett

"I would like to say a big Congratulations to Phil on his monumental achievement of 100 tours!!! My first encounter with Phil was on a trip to Cuba. I was a total, total beginner using a borrowed camera and tripod. I could just about put up the tripod, attached the camera and turn it on.  Anything else was a total mystery!  But Phil, in his very unassuming way, guided, tutored and informed me through the trip. For this I will always be grateful.  I have been on subsequent trips, and I am always amazed at his level of dedication to ensuring his clients are looked after and they achieve what they have come to do. A real trooper and a great, great guy. Cheers!!"

Jayne White

On behalf of everyone here at Light and Land we would like to add our thanks and huge gratitude for everything Phil has given over the past years. His dedication to the job, the people and the places not to mention the smiles and laughter that he has brought our guests is immeasurable.

Phil- we salute you and we look forward to the next 100.

Thank you!

And finally a few words from Charlie Waite...

"Memories of Phil go from gasping at the Great Buchailetive in Glencoe to preparing a 'state of the art' picnic 100 metres from a ravishing poppy field in Tuscany and everything in between. Phil was a top man then and is a top man now - one of the best around! I have immense admiration for him, for his photography, his technical knowledge and especially the deeply caring affection he shows to every member of every group. Please will you lead another 100?

You are the best, 

C x "

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