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Vietnam - images from our 2017 tour

15th February 2018


Our first tour to Vietnam took place in November of last year and after the tour sold out in less than 24 hours, we are delighted to announce we will be visiting this incredible location again in 2018. Vietnam is an exciting, self-confident rising star that as recently as the 1990’s chose to keep the world at bay. 

Carefully designed to include the very best of this remarkable country, with its breath-taking natural beauty, enticing culture and truly wonderful people, our 12-night tour will be based in five different locations with the longer journeys being covered by internal flights.

Below, tour leaders Phil Malpas and Clive Minnitt share images created on the tour. All images taken between 23rd November and 5th December 2017

"Diep took us to this top secret location where we could photograph these ladies mending fishing nets. Apparently the blue coloured nets are relatively rare, but amazingly photogenic". Phil Malpas

"In my eyes, it was pandemonium of the highest order, and yet there was a sense of calm with everyone knowing exactly what they were doing - apart from yours truly!" Clive Minnitt

"The fish trap maker in Hung Yen province loads an incredible number of his beautiful traps on to his bicycle to take them to market. Just keeping the stationary bike upright is a massive achievement." Phil Malpas

"This gentleman was deep in concentration whilst playing an intense board game in the village." Clive Minnitt

"The limestone sea stacks in Bai Tu Long bay are particulalry beautiful whatever the lighting conditions, but add in a wonderful sky and the moon at dusk and they are irresistible." Phil Malpas

"Great scenes of local fishermen in action at dawn. Vietnam has a thriving fishing industry." Clive Minnitt

"In order to extend the life of the woven fish traps, they are smoked in a special smoke-house to render them waterproof. Once baited the fish enter in search of food and then cannot exit the same way the entered due to the internal shape of the traps." Phil Malpas

"A bridge designed by a certain Frenchman called Mr Eiffel. For the inexperienced crossing roads in Hanoi was a bit like Russian Roulette - walking along the bridge gave us some respite from the wonderful chaos that existed on the streets." Clive Minnitt

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