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What can you expect when joining a Light and Land tour?

7th September 2017

It's always interesting to us to listen to feedback from participants on our tours, so we were delighted when photographer Steve Brock, who flew over from the U.S.A to take part in Charlie Waite's tour of Dorset and Wiltshire in August, let us know what he felt the most valuable part of the tour experience was. Here are some of his thoughts:

"To me, the most valuable part of the Light and Land photo tour was the concentrated time on photography. I never get that at home. Moreover, even if I could take the time, I wouldn’t have the instruction. That instruction came in two forms.

First, there was Charlie. He’s amazing. He is so kind, patient and encouraging. He tossed out seemingly little comments that ended up having great import and were so helpful. He helped me see things in a scene I would have completely missed on my own. And he taught all of us new techniques that I’ve already started to apply.

Second, there were the others on the tour with me. They were wonderful. I learned almost as much from them as from Charlie. Ever willing to share their knowledge, both what has worked and what hasn’t, they were a great group of folks just to hang with for two days. Simply knowing others are going through the same challenges I am was encouraging.

Finally, beyond the instruction was the simple gift of time. Charlie never rushed us. He made sure we stayed at each location long enough for everyone to get what they needed from the scene and to see beyond our initial vision for what was there. Taking that extra time really expanded my approach to photography since I tend to rush along. It enabled me to extract far more, both in quantity (i.e. seeing alternative scenes within the scene) and quality (taking time to wait for the right light, for example).

Overall, I’d say that those two days with Light and Land not only helped my photography technically, they helped inspire me as a photographer. I can’t wait to do another photo tour with Light and Land.” - Steve Brock 

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