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Charlotte Bellamy

Charlotte is an artist translating her love of the landscape through the medium of fine art and abstract photography. Her early photographic career tended towards portraits and weddings. However, with a move to the Netherlands in 2012, her interest in landscapes was triggered, and more recently her love of abstract photographic art with the use of ICM and double exposure techniques. 

She loves the ICM technique for the freedom it allows her from focussing purely on the technical aspects of photography. She says “It’s fun to experiment and create something closer to art, stretching the envelope of photography in new directions. 

She takes inspiration for her work the minute she looks out of her window. The weather and the changes in season offering an ever changing wonderment. Moving to The Netherlands from England, she was offered an amazing opportunity to explore her new home through the medium of photography and delighted in the opportunity to portray what many to consider as a ‘flat and boring’ landscape, into images that intrigue and question that preconceived notion. Many of her images are made just a short walk from her house; proving that any location can inspire and intrigue if you take the time to see it.

Charlotte is a full time professional photographer who combines her love of photography with the enjoyment she gains from sharing knowledge with others. For the last 5 years she has been guiding photographers from all over the world into the Dutch bulb fields, and more recently the beautiful Dutch woodlands in autumn. She offers group and individual mentoring in the ICM technique and creation of cohesive projects. She has presented multiple online webinars with ‘sell out’ attendance.

Charlotte has been awarded the ‘all round’ photographer of the year title with The Guild of photographers on multiple occasions, and achieved her master craftsman qualification with The Guild for her panel of multiple exposure/ICM fine art images in 2018. She has recently become a panel member and judge with The Guild. Her work has had been featured in various photographic publications.

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