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Tom Sullam

Tom has taken a labyrinthine route to professional photography. Following a degree in psychology at university, he found himself in the depths of city life in London. Still a little unclear as to what he was doing there, 10 years on he took some sound advice and pressed the reset button. That advice, fortunately, came from none other than Charlie Waite, his uncle. Trips to Scotland, Dorset and central France followed with Charlie, which introduced Tom to the finer side of landscape photography. A couple of years later, both Charlie and Tom set up a photography tour to the US, taking a group of American photographers to different parts of that incredible country. It was during these tours that Tom really developed his understanding of landscape photography, and more importantly developed his own eye for what he saw. 

Tom continues to run one on one photography workshops now, but also has a commercial side to his photography – as an Interior photographer.  His style and technique is very much influenced by what he developed on his landscape workshops. Tom is also one of the founders of the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards, a hugely popular contest celebrating the positive side of wildlife, borne out of a desire to help focus people’s attention on sustainability and bio diversity.

Light and Land

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