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Light and Land At The Mall - Our Bi-annual Amateur Landscape Photography Exhibition

Your opportunity to showcase the best landscape photographs you have made. This initiative started in 2013 as ‘The Year of the Print’ - when we invited past workshop participants to take part in an exhibition to really celebrate the concept of printing their images and not just viewing them on a screen.

The event was so successful that we opened it to a wider audience, and we have now decided to make it a bi-annual event - this year with over 100 exhibition spaces available.

The benefits of being involved

Exhibit your images alongside some of the UK’s most exciting amateur landscape photographers
Showcase your work to thousands of visitors over the 10 days
Be part of an event that will be marketed nationwide by the UK’s leading Arts PR agency
Have the opportunity to sell your images commercially during the event
No commission taken – 100% of sales revenue goes to the photographer
Receive expert critique sessions from the UK’s top landscape photographers


The Mall Galleries in London


1st to 10th August 2015


Spaces are still available for this unique event, but selling fast. Widths vary from 1.58m to 4m, and the average height is around 2m to 2.5m, though we recommend only using a central depth of 1.5m as this is the optimal viewing area. Cost ranges from £400 to £500, based on space size, with the majority of spaces in the £450 bracket. Book today by clicking on your chosen space in the 'Purchase a Space' section below.

What can I exhibit?

Any high quality landscape images for which you own the copyright. This means anything taken outside, including classic and urban landscapes, as well as detail shots and macro.  All images must be of a high enough resolution to enlarge to the size at which you would like to display them, without any loss of quality.

Images should be mounted and framed to a good standard – which can be arranged through our partner Fotospeed. Indicative costs for printing and framing using Fotospeed, based on standard sizes when framed, can be found in our Printing and Framing Price List. Alternatively you can of course arrange your own printing and framing. More details on framing can be found in our FAQ sheet.

The video link above will give you a good idea of how many images you can exhibit within the space available. Bearing in mind the aesthetic appeal of the overall event, we would recommend four to six framed images, although as you will see, some opted for as many as nine. One single image is of course equally acceptable! We are happy for two people to share a space if you prefer, but please do bear in mind the number of recommended images per space when making this decision.

Am I good enough? 

This is a question we often hear, both in relation to the exhibition and when talking to Light & Land participants! We believe that anyone has the ability to make a stunning image, and we also believe that anyone who loves landscape photography, and has a basic understanding of how to use a camera, is likely to have at least a few exhibition-worthy images in their portfolio. Now is the time to take the plunge and show the world what you can do!

How and when do I submit images?

As this is a formal exhibition, at which visitors can purchase copies of your photographs, we will be creating a professionally designed and printed catalogue of all images being exhibited. This being the case, we will need your high resolution image files four months before the date of the exhibition – so by 1st April at the latest.

Prior to this date, we strongly recommend that you send us lower resolution files of your proposed images for us to approve. We hope to accept all images submitted, but at the same time, we do need to maintain a good standard overall, in order to attract the volume of visitors we are hoping for – and so to be able to continue to run the event in future years. 

Please note that, due to the high number of exhibitors this year, regretfully we will be unable to enter into any discussions around image selection, so please only send in the photographs that you plan to exhibit. If any are rejected for any reason, we will be happy to view alternatives.

Gallery plan and space sizes

Please download our Gallery Plan (below) for full details of spaces. Having run exhibitions at the Mall Galleries previously, we are confident that every space is a good one and has an equal chance of being seen by all visitors - but of course the choice is up to you, based on size, price and availability. If you live in or near London, why not pop in and choose your spot personally? This will also give you an excellent opportunity to experience the gallery for yourself and to imagine your own images in the spotlight!

Exhibition Information

Download Q&A's

Download Planning For The Exhibition

Download Price List

Gallery Plan

Please download the gallery plan by clicking on the link below. Select which space you would like to exhibit and note down the number and colour. Return to this page and locate the place number below (they are colour coded for ease of location). Click on that space to book and pay.

Download Gallery Plan

Purchase a Space

This short video of last year’s exhibition will give you an excellent idea of how exhibitors used their spaces, as well as demonstrating the atmosphere of the event and the venue.

Light and Land At The Mall - Our Bi-annual Amateur Landscape Photography Exhibition