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Almond Blossom in Andalucia

11th March 2019

In early February, Peter Hendrie led his annual trip to Andalucia to photograph the almond blossom.

Andalucia is arguably the most exotic and stunning region in all of Spain. With its remarkable architecture and breathtaking landscape, the region has evolved into a wonderful amalgam of Moorish culture and recent Spanish tradition.

Dennis Craggs joined on this year's tour and took some beautful photographs. Below we share a few of his images with you.

'More Almond Blossom'  

"Forever looking for a new angle, on the last morning I was hunting for a peek through the blossom and settled on this one".

'Yet More Blossom'  

"After all, this is what we came here for and the light was nice here".

'Almond Blossom, Of Course' 

"Sue Bishop 'liked' this on Instagram so I couldn't really do anything else but share it, really, it's truly marmite".

S'tairs in the Palacio Carlos V' 

"A bit spooky and not really what I was expecting to find in Granada".

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