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From Pixel to Print - New Zealand Coastal Detail

9th December 2020

In this weeks Livestream (click to view above) Sam Gregory talked us through an image made in New Zealand. Sam chatted about shooting in groups and various ways to look back at your images and compare like-with-like versions and pick out the most compelling. Then he took us through a very simple edit, paying attention to the overall harmony and balance of the image. Then finally he printed the image live on the session on Fotospeed Platinum Etching paper. Big thanks to Sam for this informative and entertaining Livestream, we hope you all took something from it!

NEXT WEEK: This will be a 'Virtual Tour' with Adrian Beasley & Paul Sanders discussing Prague in Black & White ahead of their scheduled tour in March 2021. You can watch via our Facebook page OR live via this YouTube link in 1080HD (no account required).

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