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Q&A:  Clive Minnitt reflects on his life in photography over the last year

3rd December 2018

This week we catch up with Light & Land leader and all round good egg, Clive Minnitt, who looks back on his last year in the wonderful world of photography.

Which image would you highlight from 2018?

“I don’t really have a favourite image. I’ve included this image as it certainly brings a smile to my face. The chapel in the distance is a well-known Tuscan scene and usually photographed towards the end of the day. However, on this particular day I had been driving from the early hours seeking new locations when the conditions changed dramatically and within a few minutes, the whole valley was covered in a low lying mist. I had a gut feeling that there might be other possibilities and drove as fast as the condition allowed to this viewpoint. I had to work quickly as the conditions were continuing to change and this was the result of my efforts. A late breakfast tasted all the better for it!”          

Are there words of wisdom that you heard in 2018 that you’d like to share?

“Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional!”

What is the most interesting book (or exhibition or piece of music etc) you’ve read (seen, listened to etc.) in 2018?

“Whilst scouting for our recent Cornwall Wild West tour I came across this book and instantly fell in love with it. Lisa Wollett has not only put together a beautiful series of intimate images of the Cornish Coast but has described the shores in such wonderful detail. There are things I never knew existed such as a blunt gaper and a warty venus! This is a book to revisit time and again.

SEA and SHORE CORNWALL - common and curious findings

by Lisa Wollett

Zara Books in association with the Eden Project


Is there a photographer whose work you’ve come across in 2018 that’s really inspired or impressed you? This could be a client or an established photographer?

“There have been many but I wouldn’t like to pick one as it would be unfair on the others”.  

What food do you take on a shoot?

“Plenty of water and a bar of yummy chocolate - unless I’m in Vietnam!”

If you could have any photographer(s) (dead or alive)  over for Christmas drinks who would they be... and why (briefly)?

“The bar wouldn’t be big enough as I’ve met so many incredible people throughout my time with Light & Land with whom I’d like to raise a glass or two. It would have to be a loud shirt bash, of course!”   

Who has influenced you the most?

“It has to be Charlie Waite who formed ‘Light & Land’ with Sue Bishop at the time I was going through difficult time in a previous working life during the 1990’s. I was inspired by his photography then and still continue to be. Enlisting on my first Light & Land tour with Charlie & Sue to Venice in January 1997 was a massive positive turning point in my life. PS I also love Sue’s photography too”.  

What's your favourite place on Earth to take photographs?

“It a cliché but perfectly true – it can be anywhere when I’m in the zone!”

How do relax after a long day shooting?

“Ideally with a pint of the Landlord’s Best – that would be Timothy Taylor then!”

What's the most exciting bit of photo tech news from 2018?

“I never have been a techie and never will be. I leave that up to others”.

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