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Q&A:  Joe Cornish reflects on his life in photography over the last year

9th November 2018

In the first of our series of quick-fire questions and answers with the Light & Land tour leaders, we reflect on a year in photography in 2018 and kick off with landscape maestro Joe Cornish...

Can you show us your favourite image taken in 2018?

“I don’t have favourites among my two children and nor do I have them among my photographs. [I’m] fairly convinced it takes me more than a year before you can tell if the picture is any good anyway. So I am sending the last picture I took. I can’t say it was difficult to take, although the composition was a bit of a head scratcher initially. It has precisely no post-production applied to it, other than exported as a jpeg from Capture One.

Have you discovered any words of wisdom in 2018 that you’d like to share?

“A wonderful American client said to me a few days ago that she wanted her photographs to express love and joy. Those seemed like the wisest words I heard all year”.

What is the most interesting book (or exhibition or piece of music) you’ve read (seen, listened to) in 2018?

‘Hold Still’ by Sally Mann. Not just a great read about photography and the creative process, but I believe it is also a great piece of literature, a tour de force.

Book info:

HOLD STILL, A Memoir With Photographs

By Sally Mann

Published by Little, Brown & Company

ISBN: 9780316247757

£15 (at Amazon)

Is there a photographer whose work you’ve come across in 2018 that has really inspired or impressed you?

“I think it's unfair to single out individuals…I have been fortunate to see many brilliant portfolios this year and wouldn't wish to express favouritism on this topic either".

What food do you take on a shoot?


If you could have any photographer(s) (dead or alive)  over for Christmas drinks who would they be…?

“Dorothea Lange. Apart from loving her work she knew all the greats of contemporary photography during a period when the medium had a huge influence, in America and globally. She was a  believer in photography as a force for protest, social justice and political change; I’d also be interested to know her views of the contemporary photographic scene.”

Who has influenced you the most?

“Artistically, I’d probably have to choose between JMWTurner and John Constable whose pictures remain deeply embedded in my creative memory. Photographically it would be Ansel Adams, although my friendship with Charlie Cramer has also been hugely important in recent years, especially with regard to printing. Musical, Literary, Political and Philosophical influences might also be fun to mention, but…”

What’s your favourite place on Earth to take photographs?

“I refer you to my recent response regarding favouritism".

How do relax after a long day shooting?


What’s the most exciting bit of photo tech news from 2018?

“Phase One IQ4 150 medium format digital back. Raises the bar for image quality by 50%. How often does that happen?”


Clive here to see more of Joe’s work.

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